10POINTS: does my insurance company have to give me a lawyer if i was in an accident.?

my husband was recently involved in a car accident. the other party is trying to blame him. they got a lawyer and all that stuff.
We did not really have that much personal injury, so no lawyer wants to defend us.
i feel like my insurance company doesnt really care to really investigate this properly. it seems like they just want to pass the buck and choose someone at fault to close the case.
i need help.
i asked my insurance company for a lawyer, and they said you only get a lawyer if you are being sued. which thank God we are not. But i feel like i need a lawyer just to defend me from my insurance company.
my insurance company said they dont provide lawyer, just because you want one. only if you are being sued.
is this true?
dont i have the right to request a lawyer? and an accident reprocussion specialist? if i feel that the claims person is not really giving a Sh**T?

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3 Responses to “10POINTS: does my insurance company have to give me a lawyer if i was in an accident.?”

  1. Kizzy Says:

    Your carrier is correct, they will only provide an attorney if your being sued.

    Normally, attorney’s won’t take cases that don’t involved personal injury; there’s no money in it for them.

    Your need to read the insurance contract that you agreed to, it does have a clause in regards to this. If your not getting satisfaction from the adjuster that’s been assigned, talk to their supervisor. The last thing an insurance company wants is a bad faith claim.

  2. Smokinokie Says:

    Your insurance company is under no compulsion to provide you with a lawyer unless you are being sued. At that point, it’s in their best interest to provide legal council.
    If you haven’t been sued, what makes you think the other party has a lawyer? Just because they said so?
    Keep in touch with your insurance company but don’t worry to much about it. Accidents happen every day. The insurance company’s are aware of people that look at an accident and think they just hit the lottery if they will sue.

  3. Gambit Says:

    Your insurance company is only required to provide a lawyer if you are being sued. They are not going to provide you with a lawyer so you can sue them. I have no idea what an "accident reprocussion specialist" is. Also in what way is the insurer not investigating the claim properly. Did you have any witnesses? If not then it’s your word against the other party’s. You can always take the other party to court and have a judge declare you 100% no at-fault, but you better have a solid case or the judge may end up calling it 50/50.