5 Critical Steps for Choosing a Fresno Personal Injury Attorney

When hiring a Fresno personal injury attorney, do not rely on the attorney that owns the front and back page of the yellow pages or the biggest or prettiest advertisement on the radio, television, newspaper. These attorneys may not be best-suited to handle the particulars of your specific claim. Instead, you should carefully investigate several Fresno personal injury attorneys before choosing one to represent you. To generate your list, it is best to ask for any referrals from people you know who have had claims similar to yours.

There are several things you should consider when researching Fresno personal injury lawyers.
First, do they have experience representing the type of claim that you have? Personal injury lawyers tend to focus on specific types of claims and are very good at representing cases within that scope of practice, but may not be particularly suited to handle other types of claims. For example, a Fresno personal injury lawyer who has handled a large number of car accident cases, may not be best suited to handle your medical malpractice claim. Different laws govern different types of torts.

Let us explain what a “tort” is: A tort is a legal term referring to a civil wrong that results in damages to another person, another’s property, or another’s rights. Civil law is the area of law that governs the relationship between private parties. The purpose of tort law is to compensate victims for damages they have incurred due to the fault or negligence of someone else. Tort law is also in place to deter others from committing the same harm in the future.

You want to choose an attorney who is not only familiar with the laws that will help you receive compensation for your damages, but a Fresno attorney who is an expert at handling your type of case.

Second, how successful has the attorney been at recovering damages for their clients? You want to select a personal injury lawyer with a proven track record for helping their clients receive the compensation they are entitled to. Some things you will want to consider when determining the attorney’s success rate are how many cases the attorney has brought to trial (and the success of those trials) and how many cases the attorney has settled out of court. Even if you are planning on settling out of court, you want an attorney with courtroom experience in the event that a trial is the only way to receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Third, does the attorney belong to any professional organizations like California’s Trial Lawyers Association and/or the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America)? Belonging to professional organizations like California’s Trial Lawyers Association and/or the American Association for Justice may be indicative of a commitment to promoting fair and effective justice.

Fourth, what type of fee does the attorney charge for your type of claim? Many personal injury lawyers will work on a contingent fee basis. That is, they do not receive any payment for their services unless they recover money for you in settlement or court proceedings. The money an attorney receives when working on contingency is a percentage of the amount he or she recovers for you. It is a good idea to ask what percentage of your recovery the attorney will take and receive the terms of your fee arrangement in writing.

Finally, be sure to ask how many years of experience the attorney has, where they went to law school and if they have any additional training or experience in your type of claim. The more information you receive about your potential personal injury lawyer, the more likely you will be able to choose someone who can help you recover the money you are entitled to.

Not only do you want to hire a Fresno personal injury lawyer with a proven track record with cases like yours, but you will want to consider the attorney’s personality and legal philosophy as well. Over the course of your case, you will be spending a lot of time with your attorney and placing a lot of trust in their character and ability. Therefore, it is important that you are comfortable with your attorney’s personality and philosophy.

It is important that you compare all of the information you have received about potential attorneys so you can select the one who not only has the most experience handling your type of claim, but the one who will work with you to help you receive fair compensation for your injury. Not all attorneys will be able to help you recover the maximum amount of money you deserve for your damages; therefore, it is important to take the time to research several attorneys and select the one with the highest qualifications. For further information and a Free Report that provides more details on what to do if you are injured, visit Fresno Personal Injury Attorney today.

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