5 Tips to File a Successful Work Accident Claim

Work accident cases consist of industrial work related accidents, construction work related accidents and office work related accidents. The procedure for filing all the three types of work accident claims is similar but certain policies will vary depending on the type of claim filed. This article will elaborate on 5 useful facts that will help you file successful work related injury claims so that you get 100 percent compensation.

#1 – For all work accident claims the claimant has to begin the process by reporting the accident to his superior so that the details of the claim can be entered in the company’s official accident report book. Every company is required to keep entries of accidents at work in this official book so that there is a record of the accidents occurred at work and the employer can re-evaluate his safety practices.

#2 – After the accident has been reported the employee should visit the doctor at his office to get his injuries checked. If there is no doctor at the office or if the injuries are very severe then the claimant will be asked to visit a general practitioner or a hospital. The claimant should make it a point to discuss the circumstances of the accident with the doctor so that these details can be entered in the claimant’s medical file.

#3- If the claimant has spent money from his pocket for medical treatment then the claimant should keep a record of the amount he has spent. The claimant will also need to collect doctor’s bills, doctor’s notes, the payment receipts and his medical discharge papers so that he can submit them in court to prove that he suffered a personal injury due to which he had to spend a certain amount of money on treatment.

#4- If the claimant has been offered a settlement out of court that is lower than the amount he has asked for the work accident claim then the claimant should hire a personal injury lawyer to help him get 100 percent compensation. The solicitor hired by the claimant will ensure that the other party pays the full amount provided the claimant is not at fault. In any circumstance the claimant should not attempt to settle out of court without the assistance of a certified lawyer.

#5 – If the claimant is partly at fault for the work related injury then a small amount will be deducted from the total compensation amount. It is always advised to hire a personal injury solicitor for work related accidents especially if the claimant is partly at fault since if the claimant cannot prove that the accident occurred due to the employer’s negligence then the claimant will not be given compensation. Solicitors not only negotiate compensation amounts but they also help the claimant collect proof and provide sound legal advice.

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