a buddy of mines was in an accident and he's 100% not at fault.?

now he has to file a personal injury claim with the other drivers insurance. she turned left into his car. do u know settlement amounts for similar cases? should he hire a lawyer?
his back and whole upper right shoulder, and neck, were stiff and sore. resulting in him not being able to use his arm entirely or turn his neck entirely

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    3 Responses to “a buddy of mines was in an accident and he's 100% not at fault.?”

    1. Richard Says:

      have him hire a lawyer, and pay the lawyer by the hour, not on how much he gets from the ins. company, If the lawyer insistes on getting a cut of the action, give him 50% of everything about what the ins. company offer

    2. Quizzard Says:

      He is entitled to his medical costs, plus some amount for past and future lost wages, PERHAPS a small amount for pain and suffering.

      Since his injury could be as little as a small bruise or as much as being left a paraplegic, how could we possibly answer more completely?

    3. josi hollin Says:

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