AAA Attorney Referral Service Accident Injury Attorneys and direct solicitation. Beware!

When you or a loved one is severly injured in an accident you will be frightened confused and vulnerable. You may be  receive a direct soliciation by mail,phone or in person by an attorney,

investigtor or doctor who knows you were in an accident. Florida and Georgia  have very strong rules regarding soliciatation. It may be in your best interest to reject all soliciatations and contact a personal injury attorney or a state bonafide attorney/lawyer referral service for a referral to a local accident/injury attorney.  You may have someone directly approach you in the hospital or at home by someone who presents a business card and looks very reputable however many times these business cards are fake and these in person visits are illegal.  Ask questions: How did you find out I was here? Who sent you? Leave all the paperwork and I will call you if I am interested are good responses. Then call your local Bar association or a local attorney or lawyer referral service to report what has ocurred.  Most of these solicitors are fronts for law firms or medical clinics attempting to coerce you when you are most vulnerable.  You can easily be mislead into signing contracts with lawyers who sell you out too fast. This is rampant especially in low income and minority group neighborhoods.

In addition beware of large law firms with huge advertising budgets. These firms are on T.V with billboards and  very extravagant advertising campaigns.   When you called tis office notice how your call was answered and how the call flowed thru the office. Did you speak to a lawyer? Ask who the lawyer is? Is he the one  that will be handloing your case? How much”TRIAL” experience does he have.  Anyone can negotiate and sell you out for a quick settlement. Many odf these firms do nort return your phone calls and will sometimes,after months, drop your case. Ask questions and knoe who you are dealing with. Call your local Bar association to find out who the lawyer is. Are there any complaints of record? There is no rush

just be sure not to speak to anyone about your case or medical condition especially the opponents insurance representatives. An attorney referral service can be helpful in locating

an experienced personal injury attorney. In summary:

1. avoid any and all direct solicitations by phone or in person.

2. Before engaing any large local major advertiser ask questions

Whe in doubt call a Bonafide attorney referral service for support and assistance.



About the Author:
Lisa Spitzer LVCSW Msw is the owner of AAA Attorney Referral Service, a florida and Georgia compliant service since  1996. Lisa is a social worker by background who has worked in rehabilitation settings for over 12 years. For mor information or Lisda can be reach at
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