Advice wanted please….?

Just wondered what everyone advice would be please.

Basically, on May 16th, I was involved in a car accident, where the car I was traveling in (a friends car) went into the back of someone else. And yes, it was my friends fault.

After injuring my back in the accident, it was suggested by my friend that I put in a claim for compensation. I asked if they minded, due to their insurance renewal fee going up, and they said they didn’t.

I’ve been for my medical now, who confirmed my injuries, and now I am just waiting for a response from my solicitor.

However, on Monday, I got a phone call from the drivers girlfriend, who was also in the car saying that the solicitors had phoned her, trying to make an out of court settlement for her injuries. Now, she hasn’t even had her medical yet… so how can they confirm her injuries?
Also, the insurance company are now refusing to pay for the damage to the car (he was fully comprehensive) and so they want some money out of my compensation, to cover the cost of their replacement car, and insurance premiums.

When i refused, she got abusive, making threats that she will contact the insurance company saying that I am making a fraudulent claim, also I have had word from other friends that apparently i am getting £4000, and I agreed to give half when we started making the claim. We have never been told how much we are getting, however they have said a maximum of £1500. Also, I never agreed to give half of my claim.

I since received lots of messages saying i’m a liar, that I will have no friends at the end of this and that my parents know i’m a &^%$% and I’ll sink lower and lower into my depression (which is well known I do suffer from) and be a pathetic loner.

She has already started going around friends trying to isolate me.

All I can think of is revenge, but don’t want to lower myself down to her standards. I know she’s a benefit cheat, maybe I can grass her up for that?
Any advice you can give is most welcome!

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3 Responses to “Advice wanted please….?”

  1. LFC 4 Life Says:

    dude do watever u want to

  2. Laurence Morgan Says:

    With friends like them who needs enemies!
    I’d continue with your clain if it wiill cover medical, out of work fees or purely due to injuries.
    Wouldn’t sink to their levels in regards grassing her up.
    All the best

  3. bluemiano Says:

    If you are in the right and you don’t want to lower yourself then don’t seek revenge. What you sow is what you reap. Be very patient. What goes around comes around.