Am i entitled to a personal injury claim at work?

hello everyone – , in my work place ( a sausage manufacturers ) lifting heavy weights is involved all day long. it usually takes 2 people to lift the 50kg tubs of meat into the machine, but due to staff shortages etc, this became a problem as often enough there would be nobody around to ask for help lifting the heavy weights. so through fear of maybe loosing my job if i didnt keep working i was left ( and encouraged by my employer ) to lift them by myself. after months of doing this i started getting pain in my lower back, until november 2008 i got a sudden sharp pain down my back and leg ( which the doctor diagnosed as sciatica ) but even with this pain i still tried to do my job and it got even worse to a point were i couldnt go to work for a short while. i still have this pain in my back, and also in january this year i was doing some excercises at home ( leg raises ) when all of a sudden i got a sharp agonising pain in my back, which after seeing my doctor and having an MRI scan at hospital i had a slipped disc in my back. i asked my employer if he would give me holiday pay to get me by, and he said no – i will have to go on the sick benefit. so i have been on ssp ( statutory sick pay ) from january until now. and to add insult to injury, i wanted to go back to work 2 weeks ago and do an alternative job ( not heavy lifting or anything ) and he has said no, and has told me to go and hand in my benefit papers to the unemployment office. so know hes getting rid of me…. do i have a personal injury case as i still suffer with back pain?

just for information – i am in the uk , and i have never had a contract of employment for 9 years….

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One Response to “Am i entitled to a personal injury claim at work?”

  1. iankinzel Says:

    It’s going to be REALLY hard to find a job anywhere else if you complain about your back pain. Drop the case, use your reference and go find employment elsewhere.