Annoying Ex and RAAF Defence Legal Advise?

I have spent the last 6 months trying to sort out everything with ex. We have kids and also property. I want it sorted and divided. Custody should have been done, I got my kids full time and their mum has regular visits. She will not sign the paperwork provided to get court order. Dividing everything same she is being difficult. My problem is not so much towards my ex at moment it is towards her employer for continually butting in. My ex is a member of the defence force RAAF. I have no anger or hatred to defence, I am also ex defence discharged due to injury. The defence have allowed her to use them to interfere with getting stuff sorted out. They allowed her to relocate onto base and block access to kids. They were aware she has an alcohol problem, they have even cautioned her in the past. While in the protection of her base my kids were neglected. After a night drinking she left them unattended, they were looking for somewhere to sleep on her base at 1am. Another incident they were taken to hospital where doctors confirmed that she had not feed them correctly, and that was why they were sick. Again defence protected them on their base. Due to her shift work even though I was available to look after kids defence allowed her to take her 3 kids to work with her. Allowing them to sleep in the work area which is the kitchen. They slept either in the bar area where there is couches, staff room or in kitchen. The kids wore flanelette pj’s and no shoes. They would be dragged to her work at between 5am and 5.30am. Obviously defence does not need to comply with OH & S. Before seperation we had pets, snakes, rats and a dog. Snakes require licence and permit. Rats she allowed to starve to death and left on front balcony to anger me. I believe they are still there, when I saw them they had been left dead for over a month. Dog also neglected. Defence refuse to assist me rather they want to protect their member. I have now decided I have had enough of defence involvement. They relocated my kids and stopped me gaining access, claiming they were protecting kids. Yet the kids were neglected. My ex has admitted this not only to me but solicitors, facs and mediators. She does not care. I guess i want to know if there is anything i can do against those members of the base who have helped her neglect her children. All I want is to be allowed to sort out divorce and move on. Unless she co-operates this will not happen. She claims I harass her, following her to base. After every visit she has with kids she refuses to return stuff. Shoes, clothes, rechargers and the list goes on. She does this as it gives me no choice but to try to get it from her. I try text when that fails I go get it. Kids need shoes for school. Her base interferes with even this. Claiming I am harassing her. I guess I am annoyed with situation, I feel defence has no right to get involved. Again last night I tried to send her messages base refused to pass it on. She dropped kids off to my house after she was aware I was not home. they were left unattended for an hour till I could get home. But defence refused to help simply by passing on a message to her. They were rude and abusive saying to stop annoying her, so her dropping her 3 kids off to annoy me is okay. I am sick of her base, and their garbage. I want to send a message they should butt out. I want it be known they are aware of the fact they have a member who neglects and abuses her kids, while kids in her base protection but refuses to stop her. I want it known they are aware she has neglected and abused her pets all simply to annoy me, yet again they refuse to stop her. They are aware a defence member has dead rats lying accross her front balcony and does nothing. She needs help mentally not support to continue doing this. Is there anything I can do legally to RAAF Base. They claim to be protecting kids but not only did they let them be neglected they assisted her.

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One Response to “Annoying Ex and RAAF Defence Legal Advise?”

  1. allgravi Says:

    Wow, I was in the military so I have a clue of what your saying and it does sound like she gained favoritism there with defense. I would contact another base or go to that bases higher authority usually call Headquarters to complain but be ready to make your case. Are you already making notes of incidences along with dates and names of others who could be forced to testify. If your not divorced, I believe you are still able to get help from the defense system from a nearby base. If not you will need a good lawyer. Call the chaplain and maybe call the local animal protection agency.
    I would pray, get your act together and get some real legal help.