are claim today solicitors a good and reliable legal company?

My mother suffered an injury at the park after she fell because of a missing tile. She injured her arm and has been told to rest for up to 3 months. So she wants claim but I’m a little worried because we don’t do this often. Will the lawyer always tell my mother (the client) the truth about what is happening. The worst thing is if we lose the case and they countersue and we’re stuck with a lot of fees to pay because my mother only works part time

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    2 Responses to “are claim today solicitors a good and reliable legal company?”

    1. Cliff Says:

      They are an okay company…they will be honest with you.

    2. ? Says:

      they are a good company and you must contact them as i am aware they work on No Win No fee basis which means the claimant do not have to pay if they lose the claim . You can log onto their website and contact them to get further information on this. they also do home visits which means they will come out to see you at your home. so contact them and see.