Are there any statistics on divorce and fancy wedding?

Are there any statistics on the divorce rates of couples who have a big wedding, and those who does not?

I would think there would be less divorce for couples who were wise enough not to waste big money on a marriage.

I don’t know.

Anyone have ideas?

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    4 Responses to “Are there any statistics on divorce and fancy wedding?”

    1. Stupidity Is Not A Handicap Says:

      I’m sorry but I must ask – Where is your personal experience in this?

      If the couple (NOT just the woman) wants a big, fancy wedding I don’t see a problem. I can see the $100k+ weddings being over the top, but you pay for what you get.

      You want lobster – you have to pay for it. You want a back yard BBQ – you can pay for that too.

      I’m not married, but I’ve been to a ton of different weddings. My second cousin spent over $200k on her wedding – 8 years ago. She is still happily married.

      My cousin spent $5k on her wedding – 3 years ago. And got divorced 2 years ago. Want to know the reason? Because she didn’t get her dream wedding. Her ex-husband wanted to save money for other things – and she wanted her perfect, dream wedding.

      No doubt you’ve never been married nor in love with someone. If you had, you’d know that you’d do anything possible to make that person happy. If that means forking over $30k for your dream girl’s dream wedding, then you would.

    2. Moony3005231 Says:

      Try typing in "correlation between wedding cost & divorce" on the internet.

      Simply because I’m lazy, im not gonna do this for you. =P lol. But I’m sure the question has been researched before.

    3. Ms Smarty Pants Says:

      I bet there is…I can’t find it anywhere.

      Base on my mothers side of the family alone, I’d say75% of couples who have large wedding end in divorce and 100% of those who marry at the courthouse stay married. It’s true.

    4. danadeville Says:

      I don’t know of any statistics. I would think they would be higher just because of the stress of paying for a huge wedding. Unless you’re rich enough to not have to worry about money.
      I think huge weddings are a huge waste of money. Just because you have a huge wedding doesn’t make you any more married than someone who didn’t.
      I had no intentions of having any wedding. I just wanted to get married and be done with it. My in laws offered me their house if I didn’t have a wedding. I took them up on that offer! It wasn’t any spectacular house. But it was livable and free. Two years later my husband left me. I offered the house back to them. They told me to keep it. They agreed that their son was an idiot!