Arrested for assault?

last friday night i was out with my friends in the city. it soon became an abnormally heavy night and the next thing i remember is waking up in a police cell having been arrested for assault. an interview commenced and my solicitor advised me to conduct a ‘no reply’ interview, as there was no cctv and no statements as of yet, and as i could not actually remember doing anything (which i later found out was i supposedly head butted this guy) i should not admit to it. So naturally i followed my solicitors advice. i had no injury’s upon myself inflicted by myself head butting the guy and this was my first offense. i am just wondering what my likely outcome is!


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    2 Responses to “Arrested for assault?”

    1. Connor Says:

      I would say 30%. You need to try and keep strong and not tell them that you have done it. If they get stuff on you then admit cause the judge will get fucked off if you waste his time. I feel that you will not get very much if you admit early

    2. Rock Firestorm Says:

      Funny how you leave out the part where you got sloshed.