Auto Injury Claims

Being involved in an automobile accident can result in a wide range of injuries, from cut, bruises and scrapes, to far more serious issues, such as internal bleeding and brain injury.

An added element of automobile crash injuries is that in many cases, the full extent of an injury isn’t recognized for weeks or months after the accident. That is why seeking medical attention early and often is a smart decision if you’ve been injured in a car accident.

Following is information on some of the most common types of injuries related to automobile accidents:

Head, Neck and Back Injuries

Injuries affecting the head, neck and back are the most common types of automobile accident injuries.

Perhaps the most serious of these kinds of injuries is traumatic brain injury, which can result in a loss of brain function, including speech, cognitive and physical abilities. Bruising of the brain, skull fractures and concussions are also common head injuries related to car crashes.

An auto crash can also cause significant injury to the neck, mostly from the impact of the crash and the neck’s often-drastic movement during crash.

Back injury is also common. The muscles, nerves and disks in the back are extremely vulnerable during a hard impact. In the worst of scenarios, a spinal cord injury can occur. That type of injury can lead to mobility concerns and even partial or complete paralysis.

Broken Bones and Other Limb/Appendage Injuries

Broken ankles, wrists, ribs, shoulders and legs are, unfortunately, also common auto accident injuries. Rotator cuff damage is also a concern.

Internal Organ Injuries

Serious car crashes can sometimes mean serious damage to internal organs. Spleen injury is common. The liver, bowels, kidneys, heart and lungs can also be at risk.

Liability After an Automobile Accident

After an automobile accident, it is important to discuss your specific situation with an experienced auto accident attorney. If another party is at fault, you may be able to receive financial compensation for your injury. That compensation can help cover medical bills, loss of income and more.

A few of the entities that can be held responsible in auto accidents include:

• Other drivers
• The manufacturer of cars and trucks involved in the accident
• Mechanics/repair shops who have worked on any car in the accident
• Public entities where claims involve ordinary repair or upkeep of a highway
• Employers of drivers if that driver was working while talking on a cell phone during the crash

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