Avoid Negligence By Understanding Jones Act Maritime Law

The society keeps on moving, as the time passed there were several changes occurs, high technology industry was growing rapidly at the same the demand for the workers were going high as well due to the high demands on the productivity to supply quality products.

In every industry there were different situation and each was connected to a risk, it may be a little or some may be hanging on a great risk. One of the most riskiest industry named was the maritime industry which was fast growing too.

My father been working for seventeen years in a company which belongs to a maritime industry. I know he was working so hard in order to sustain the need of our family, I was in college then and my sister was in high school and my younger brother was just three years old. There were times I saw my mom very worried about my dad and so as I do. We were aware that the work of my father was always close to danger, anytime it might came without any warning, without any given time and situation, the more you told yourself your far from it the more it will likely cloth you and let you end in a horrible situation, helpless and no way to turn to but went back to where you came with nothing else.

It was in the year 1920 when Senator Wesley Jones passed the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which was commonly known as the Jones Act Maritime Law, or other individuals called it Jones Act Law. The purpose of the Jones Act Maritime Law was to protect the workers from negligence in the event that they will suffer from an accident or a personal injury during their service rendered in a company under a Maritime industry. There were several reasons why an accident or an injury offshore occurs, the major reasons was the number of hours the workers worked which affects their health condition. Often times maritime workers were working longer number of hours compared to a regular employee and was away for a couple of months these situation may lead to a health complication, and as it was mention it may lead to accidents or personal injury.

It was true that no one could escape from accidents as if it was hunting the weak in the middle of the night, but you could always seek for you claims and make sure that you were protected. For the maritime workers, Jones Act Law was their all you have to do was understand it and make sure that you were protected by the law. It was your life which was at risk and you should act on it.

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There were law that was made not to have a law but primarily to have response to the need of the society. Jones Act Law or the Jones Act Maritime Law was passed for the protection of maritime workers and respond to the navigational issues.
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