BP Oil Spill Could Cost Florida Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs

The Gulf Coast oil spill is a disaster in Florida, possibly costing nearly 200,000 jobs and completely eliminating some ten billion dollars in spending. This from research conducted by the University of Central Florida. This data assumes that the coastal counties affected by the spill area will lose around half of their normal tourism and jobs associated with visitors and tourists, from the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Economic Competitiveness. This has a huge impact on the entire state of Florida says Nationally Recognized Attorney, Emery Ledger.

If the number of half of the tourism lost seems high, its not. Many communities are already experiencing a significant drop in tourism and that could be just the beginning depending upon the effects of the oil spill long term. However, even with a conservative estimate of only about ten percent of tourism monies lost, which include leisure jobs and spending, Florida would still be out nearly 40,000 jobs and lose around $2.2 billion dollars in spending, which some companies rely on. In fact some businesses in Florida rely on the tourist season for their whole year of profits. The lawyers at Law Offices of Ledger & Associates is investigating BP’s liability and offer a free detailed evaluation of your injury claim.

One concern that some experts have is that the economy in Florida is already on shaky ground, as the economy has not particularly good to businesses that rely on tourists to make their money, as more and more people decide to vacation at home or skip their trips to other areas of the country altogether. Some believe that this is devastating for the economy, as it was predicted that it would take the Florida tourist areas one or two years to recover from the recession, but now they have to deal with an oil spill keeping tourists away on top of that. Those most affected should contact an attorney who will assist them in making a claim. A claim doesn’t necessarily mean that a lawsuit is going to filed by an Accident Attorney rather the threat of litigation will often result in a settlement out of court. Your attorney will take care of the entire claim so you can focus on your life’s recovery.

Normally the tourism industry in the Gulf of Mexico communities creates about 269,000 jobs and annual spending is about $12.4 billion dollars. But now thousands of stores, restaurants, tourist shops and other companies are closing which puts tens of thousands out of work and costs the business owners large amounts of money. This is a problem for these people, who were simply unlucky enough to be living in the Gulf Coast when the BP oil spill hit, and the Florida economy may take years to recover now that the oil spill problems are added to the already difficult economy.
The BP oil spill doesn’t just affect those at the forefront of the disaster, but has a far reaching affect to nearly everyone in the Gulf Coast communities. As town are no longer able to attract tourism and business close, BP is costing tens of thousands of people their livelihoods and their businesses. If you are one of these people contact attorney Emery Ledger, who has years of experience helping accident victims. You may be able to collect compensation for your injuries that you suffered due the oil spill.

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