Brentwood Attorney’s View on Personal Injury Exposure


A fatal motorcycle accident closes a stretch of the street in Brentwood during the rush hour on a Thursday. The accident occurred when a motorcycle collided with a truck in the 11500 block of Sunset. The rider was pinned under the truck’s wheels and pronounced dead at the scene.


Does it strike your senses? This event is very depressing in that it can potentially happen to anyone, anywhere. No one can escape from this kind of event, even how great amount of precaution has been waged.


How many victims of these terrible events have nowhere to go, put it differently, how many of these victims have not received sufficient amount of medical or legal help?


There are many victims of fatal accidents or personal injury who have not attained compensation and sufficient medical attention for their personal injuries exposure.


Statistically, this is very alarming. That is why a concise but clear illumination relating to the legal implication of personal injury is hereby provided.


To start with, here is a brief view on personal injury:


Personal Injury


Personal injury relates to injuries done to a person, private property, rights and reputation. It is encompassed under the law on torts, which may be categorized into intentional and unintentional torts.


Personal injury covers a variety of injuries and claims. Common examples are car accidents, slip and fall accidents, premise liability, general malpractice and motorcycle accident.


Any person who have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity have the right to claim compensation or damages for the resulting injuries. Consequently, to be able to obtain legal compensation and damages for injuries suffered, a personal injury Attorney shall be waged in this respect.


Issues Involved


There are various issues involved in personal injury litigations. It all depends on what kind of injuries is involved. Common thing with personal injury cases is that in every tort claim, regardless of its nature, it addresses two basic issues – liability and damages.


Specifically, the first issues have bearings on whether the alleged malefactor is liable to the injuries and damages sustained by the victim. The second issue would relate on what is the nature and extent of the damage.


Typically, in all trials of this kind, the victim, through his/her lawyer will attempt to prove that the offending party is the one who is responsible for the accident, injury, or property damage. If liability is established, the defendant will be held legally responsible for the accident, injury, or property damage.


Compensation or Damages covered


Personal injury pecuniary award is impossible to predict. The court will be the one to determine the amount of monetary reward and other consequent damages arising from the injury. This is done after ample considerations of pertinent matters, to be considered by the court.


Customarily, any victims can seek compensation for a number of damages, including medical expenses, property damage, lost income and non-monetary damages such as pain and suffering.


Legally speaking, the victims can get either or both compensatory damages and punitive damages. These two does not constitute all the damages, as the court in its discretion may also award other constitutive damages depending on the existence of such circumstance that an award shall be proper, like exemplary damages.


Personal Injury Attorney Representation


In all Personal Injury litigation, representation of a qualified Attorney is extremely necessary in order for the victim to get the right compensation and damages they truly deserve. The Attorney will be the one to aid you in all legal travails in a lawsuit of this kind. All the ideal compensation or damages for injury will be put at naught when Attorney representation is wanting.




There are several things to look up for in personal injury litigations. This matter is all too complex and requires time and great amount of discussion in order to grasp the whole spectrum. This quick guide however, can be a good start to open your eyes in this area.



Repeatedly it has been constantly said that personal injury exposure is a potential event that is both unforeseen and inevitable. It is not an extraordinary phenomenon especially in our time. What is important then, is to educate ourselves about personal injury law in order for us to make effective response when sullen injury besets us.



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