British spending cuts..?


When is the uk government going to realise there is so much gold in the pot. And thats it.

150 billion in debt and their still allowing migration or asylum, it should be out of the question.

Court claims for discrimination/personal injury – i know of hundreds of thousands which have gone to ONE person for either : 1) taking their employer through the courts for discrimination even though the circumstances were the same for everyone and 2) personal injuries where people have claimed off the council ( either exaggerated or claimed for nothing just to work the system).
Now to put this in perspective for u, there are hundreds of cases like this every year, in the uk. So under these ridiculous claims we are losing possibly millions.
Then theres the scroungers who have been naturally like that for decades – IS THERE ACTUALLY JOBS OUT THERE FOR THEM? how many people are on false benefits.
The asylum seekers, i realise people who come from africa, iraq, afghanistan, romania…. well pretty much everywhere ‘may’ or may not be in danger in their own countries…
ASYLUM is where u go to the nearest country FOR safety – BRITAIN IS NOT THE NEAREST.
We cannot afford to offer these people asylum, because if we do they will keep coming, and if we do they will get thousands more in GDP, thousands more we cannot afford. AND if u want to say something to that then WHY do our soldiers have to buy their own upgrades in protective armour upgrades etc yet the government can afford to pay for a non british citizen and give them a home probably better than a british soldiers families’s.
Their consulting about discharging unfit troops (either through limbs lost in conflicts or not etc) because they are unfit for combat…. then giving them a ridiculously low pay out which they will not be able to make ends meet on. So we can afford to house a family from somalia or WHEREVER, a family of possibly 7, at costs to the taxpayer in excess of 10K a month complete benefits, but we cannot afford to look after the very people who give more to this country than ANYONE.
Politicians need to put together another plan, because this 1 is not working and although resources are low, the top man of the lot our Prime Minister SHOULD know enough history to know WHAT this country did for the world in the 2 world wars – declaring britain was a junior partner? Cameron, im 20 years old and i know what this country contributed during, and after the war.
21 questions :
and u think that debt clock is accurate?

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2 Responses to “British spending cuts..?”

  1. FOX News is the best Says:

    it will realize it next year.

  2. 21 questions Says:

    you have to understand that most of the uk’s debt is external. Meaning that other countries can put interest rates on the u.k’s debt.

    and from the looks of the chart it is at about 423%

    and on the right there is external tab