Bullmastiff bite??

Does anybody know a good website to show what injuries are caused when a bullmastiff bites someone?
I am being taken to court by a man who says that my bullmastiff bit him.It was not my dog, but I need to prove that it was not him. The guy has already asked for an out of court settlement. My solicitor says he is just after money.
The guy only needed 1 stitch in his bum.
My soliciter has told me, to print off some stuff from the internet to prove that if my dog bit him, he would have some serious injuries, not just a scratch.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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8 Responses to “Bullmastiff bite??”

  1. Betty C Says:

    there is no way that ANY dog bite will leave no more than ONE mark. All dogs use their eye teeth when biting(the fang teeth). There should be a top tooth mark and a bottom one if he was bitten. It sounds more like he got caught going over the fence when he saw that BIG bullmastiff. If you look at the pics and wound is jagged it is a tear not a bite, bites are usually clean even marks. I have a mastiff mix and he will intimadate but not bite. will stop short of biting. He assumes that his agressiveness will deter tresspassers and it works. Read an article in Dog World about bullmastiffs and mastiffs. It said that this breed is not aggressive. in fact will let people in but not out, especially if they have picked up something that belongs to his owner.

  2. gregoryclavin Says:

    dont know of any sites. you could let him bite you an the a** then compare bite marks. but seriously if the dog only left a little bite the dude is very fast or was just playing with the dog

  3. Tinkerbell Says:

    Try this website – I don’t know if any "bull mastiff" bites are there but it does show the damage that a dog bite can do. Good Luck!

    http://www.dogexpert.com/Photos (Bite)/IndexBitePhotos.html

  4. Kaska Says:

    How is he saying the dog bit him? Sounds like he is after money. I would also consult an attorney.

  5. magnum Says:

    most balmastiffs ive encountered are so friendly i would ask for a bite examanation sounds to me hes pulling a fast one .

  6. Wallace E Says:

    Sounds like a tough one. I doubt you’ll find anything online to prove anything one way or the other. Any dog could bite you in the rear and only make one wound, even a bullmastiff. If it goes to court and your bullmastiff is innocent, he would be his own best witness, by confronting his accuser in the courtroom. I’d hate to see him get a bum rap. Please let me know how this plays out.

  7. mustanglynnie Says:

    I would think if you took the dog to court, showed his teeth & compared it to the photos of the injury he will be let off. Dogs tend to make 2 -4 punctures because of the placement of the long teeth – this sounds far-fetched! Plus, Bullmastiffs are known for NOT biting – they are referred to as ‘catch & hold’ type guard dogs, as they have been said to knock intruders down & sit or lay on them. Maybe you can take some breed information including that to court, also. The guy probably heard the "Bull" in Bullmastiff & thought he could get some ‘Pit Bull’ hysteria going & get money – idiot!

    Also, you may want to check into getting a lawyer specifally trained in animal law, if this goes further.

  8. cstinkerbell6969 Says:

    Finding pictures on the net will not help your case at all! Sometimes they bite a little – just a nip and sometimes a big ol chunk of booty! Try to find witnesses around the neighborhood. Try to find someone who will testify that your dog is always chained up and on a leash. Try to find as many neighbors as u can who KNOW the dog and have played with him and petted him. The pictures off the net will not help u- your lawyer is psycho if he thinks it will! U definetely need back up from neighbors and a doctors second opinion might help u too!