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Anyone who undergoes surgery such as Lasik eye surgery knows that, as with any medical procedure, the surgery is fraught with many risk factors. That is just part of it when it comes to surgeries. However, if mistakes happen during the surgery or in the course of follow up care that can be attributed to medical negligence or malpractice, eye injury can occur and sometimes be permanent problems. Experienced Palm City Personal Injury Lawyers can evaluate your eye injury and your medical records to help you decide if you have a medical malpractice case involving your Lasik eye surgery procedure.

If you have had Lasik eye surgery and you experience symptoms that you feel are the result of an eye injury sustained during the process, contacting the office of a Palm City Personal Injury Lawyer can begin the process of looking into your medical malpractice case. Injuries that could be the result of Lasik eye surgery negligence or malpractice are those such as:


1. Blurred vision- this can be blurriness that stays all the time or it can be frequent blurred vision that comes and goes enough to be considered an injury related problem.

2. Eye pain- pain that persists after the Lasik surgery long after the eyes should have healed and life moved on is not typical and should be questioned.

3. Double vision

4. Dryness that is not alleviated with routine prevention or care that can be expected following surgery.

5. Redness that, as mentioned with dryness, is not alleviated with care or time after the surgery.

The Palm City Personal Injury Lawyer you consult can help you determine if an eye injury has occurred due to any medical malpractice before, during or following your Lasik eye surgery. Most of the eye injuries happen due to one or more of the following occurrences:

1. Inadequate pre operative screening and information gathering

2. Faulty medical equipment that does not perform as it should. If the equipment has not been properly maintained or if the operator does not expertly handle the equipment.

3. Improper follow up care and treatment that results in infection or injury to the eye.

It can be difficult to successfully prove medical negligence or malpractice connected to Lasik eye surgery issues, but with a qualified Palm City Personal Injury Lawyer, your chances are better than without such experience and expertise at hand. The experienced personal injury lawyers can assess your case, research and examine your medical history and decide how best to pursue your case.

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