Can I sue a lawyer I have already paid in a retainment settlement?

My case involved a personal injury claim. During this period I also filed for bankruptcy, and my lawyer proceeded with the case. Now it looks like after paying him off, and the creditors, and bankruptcy people (trustee/his attorneys) – I’m not even getting 1/3 of the initial settlement!!! Is this fair? What can I do?

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3 Responses to “Can I sue a lawyer I have already paid in a retainment settlement?”

  1. raviet31 Says:

    Seems fair. Your creditors are entitled to that money and your attorney did what he was supposed to do.

  2. . Says:

    well i’m thinking that they were all paid with what u got from the settlement. if so, then yeah its fair. ur lawyer did wat he was suppsoed to do. u owed ppl and so u need to pay them back. i’m guessing u shoulda sued for more..

  3. raichasays Says:

    Why isn’t it fair? Did the lawyer do the job he was hired to do? Was the amount that he received as his pay what you agreed to pay him in your fee agreement with him?

    Was the percentage that he received normal and average for what other lawyers in your area charge for that type of case?

    The fact that some of your share of the settlement was needed to pay off your bills and creditors does not mean that the lawyer did anything wrong.

    You can sue a lawyer who overcharges you, but I’m not sure that your lawyer did.