Can I Sue My In-Laws For A Slip and Fall?

I fell on their dogs urine while we were staying at their house temporarily. I fell in August 2008 and am still suffering from the injuries that I will have issues with for the rest of my life. I was a completely healthy individual prior to the fall. I sustained a huge disk protrusion between L4/L5 hitting the nerve root and I have other bulging disks. I also suffered a Grade III ankle sprain that was misdiagnosed for about three months. I recently just got off of crutches. I will have to wear an ankle brace for the rest of my life and arthritis is in the near future. I am only 31 and the mother of two young children ages 5 and 6. I will never be able to run, jump or even wear heals again. I was attending PT for 12 weeks 3times a week and my body was crooked due to the spinal injury until I went to PT. My children are also partially tramatized by my injuries. It has taken thousands of my dollars and they refued to submit anything to their insurance company. They told my husband and I that it wasn’t even an option. Finally after I was injured for and unable to move for 8 months they did file a claim. THey never apologized and only commented saying "All that from slipping on my floor?" They have been rude to my children. I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life-should I hire an Personal Injury Attorney? And why would a Personal Injury Attorney not accept a case? What should I do about all the money that I have spent and will spend in future? Thanks for your advice.

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7 Responses to “Can I Sue My In-Laws For A Slip and Fall?”

  1. Ghengis Says:

    Yeah, you can sue them. Their homeowner’s insurance will be picking up the tab, so it shouldn’t cost them anything. You had better act soon, because depending on the State you live in, your time for filing a claim may be limited.

  2. rafferty Says:

    of course you can, but Thanksgiving dinner will be a bit tense.

    If conditions in their home was a proximate cause of your injuries, and your injuries required treatment, or will require ongoing treatment, you are entitled to relief.

    Once you sue them, they will absolutely submit it to their homeowners insurance. If they are not homeowners, it probably isn’t worth it.

  3. Singularity Says:

    i was gonna say that everyone is sue happy, but if you can prove to a judge that your injuries were caused by the fall then she pays the medical bills and maybe pain and suffering.

  4. Logan Z Says:

    well arnt u a mean person. Is suing really gonna fix it? NO..

  5. claudiacake Says:

    You said they did eventually file a claim? What was the result of that filing? Did you receive compensation from the insurance company? If you did, and you cashed the check, you probably signed away your ability to future claims when you endorsed the check. It’s sneaky and underhanded, but that is the way insurance companies work.
    You can see a personal injury attorney and file suit against them personally, perhaps. It will, of course, ruin your family relationships, but that is your choice to make.
    What your options are only an attorney can tell you.
    Good luck.

  6. spock69 Says:

    Sure you can, but then they have the right to put ex-lax in your meals.
    Your children are traumatized because you wont shup up about it! Grow up and quit looking to get over!

  7. C Says:

    No dont sue. If they filed a claim with their insurance then you should be getting some money soon. If you sue them it will hurt your husband and destroy the family forever. Just dont go see them anymore.
    Sadly it was an accident. They didnt hurt you. They should be nicer but sadly arent. You just need to take whatever insurance money you can get and work on getting better.