can you lie about having a degree in any litigation?

im in court for personal injury case,the defendant claims to have a university degree
a student from the same graduating class stated she only attended one class and failed to even complete a course no record of her graduating can her testimony be impeached for the lie?

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5 Responses to “can you lie about having a degree in any litigation?”

  1. bcnu Says:

    The university registrar’s office will have a public record of who has graduated, but you need to check for several years prior to and after the alleged date, in case it is a simple mistake in the record. Draft an affidavit and have the registrar sign it (having the signature notarized), stating that they have searched the records and found no indication that the person graduated from the school in the years examined. Then ask the witness to clarify her testimony, "is it your testimony here that you have a degree from X?" (yes) "In what year did you graduate?" (abc) If abc year is in those that were searched, you can then ask, "Do you know of any reason the registrar would have no record of your having graduated?" …

  2. Caoedhen Says:

    Sure it can. Will it help or hinder the case? No telling.

  3. Michael Says:

    Great question! Oh wow! I don’t have the answer but I really do need to get the points to progress to level 2 so please choose me when I return with the best answer! Thanks love ya guys!

  4. Lilly T Says:

    Can you prove it?

  5. laughter_every_day Says:

    Are you trying to ask if some people have sometimes committed perjury? They have. Are you trying to ask if some specific person intends to commit perjury in some specific trial? I have no guesses. If he testifies and claims to have a degree, and if you have real evidence that he has no degree, then you can try to offer your evidence. Unless having a degree is somehow relevant to the issues before the court, most courts will not allow impeachment with extrinsic evidence on a collateral matter.