Car accident?

A car cut me off and i lost control crashing my car.I suffered a concussion and face bone fracture. I have filed a claim with my ins. company. I was told i hit a telephone pole and flipped my car. i don’t remember much from the incident. My airbags did not
deploy even though the front is demolished and the engine is ruined, the car is totaled. Should i consult a personal lawyer or let the insurance company know about this to see if they want to pursued the lawsuit? Airbag cases are hard to win and can be expensive/time waste. Most lawyers won’t go against a auto manufacturer unless the injury is severed and worth millions. I have little hope in this matter. My car is a 2007 new corolla S. I don’t think i have a strong case even if the airbags are found defective(probably are). My injuries aren’t significant head concussion (lost in memory so the doc had me stay over night) don’t think i had one, fracture bone in the face (no surgery required) cuts and bruises. hopeless lawsuit?

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4 Responses to “Car accident?”

  1. hamylett Says:

    You should definitly talk to a lawyer, the first visits free, talk to a couple, find someone you like. You were hurt bad to not remember the accident. How’s your neck and back feeling?? Expect some pain in days to come. I was in an accident over a year ago and I still hurt.

  2. oklatom Says:

    A lawsuit over what? The airbags not deploying? There may be a number of reasons they didn’t. Airbags only go off if there is a frontal hit within a certain number of degrees from straight ahead, and only if the vehicle is traveling more than 10 mph (6 kph). Some of the more advanced ones won’t deploy unless there is rapid deceleration. So, if you were under 10 mph when you hit the pole, no bag. If you bounced off and kept moving and there was no rapid deceleration, no bag.

    As you may know from my profile, I run a towing service. With every accident I get two types of folks. Those who complain because their air bag went off. It adds a lot to the repair bill, and can make the difference between the vehicle being a total or not, and those who complain because the air bag didn’t go off and it’s ‘obviously a defect!’

    Regardless, get better. I’m glad it wasn’t any worse than it was. And discuss it with your insurance company if you have any issues about it, but I image they will tell you about what I did.

  3. James Watkin Says:

    I would talk to an attorney just to protect your rights prior to signing any forms the insurance company needs you to sign. Unfortunately unless you have the license plate of the car that cut you off, and the admission of the driver, you can’t do much about it. That is one reason we must drive defensively. Allowing adequate room to the front back and sides of our vehicles when driving so we have a place to swerve to when we encounter a nasty driver. The insurance company can say that you should not have lost control as it is your responsibility to allow for these things when driving. In which case, you will need an attorney. Unless you already signed some of their papers, in which case you are locked in to whatever you agreed to.

  4. Coastcowboy Says:

    Save your money. There is NOTHING in writing from Toyota that states that the airbags will work or if they do you won’t be injured. This has been tried thousands of times by misinformed people and greedy lawyers and you will gain nothing but misery. Toyota has an army of lawyers, engineers, technicians and investigators. They will PROVE that the airbag (SRS) was working properly at the time of the collision and did not deploy because some parameter wasn’t met during the crash. Every time that ‘airbag’ warning lamp comes on then goes off when you start your car it means the system has ‘checked’ itself and everything is working properly.
    PS — a lawyer will always, 100% of the time get paid, meaning you will have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for nothing.