Car Accident?

A car cut me off and i lost control crashing my car.I suffered a concussion and face bone fracture. I have filed a claim with my ins. company. I was told i hit a telephone pole and flipped my car. i don’t remember much from the incident. My airbags did not
deploy even though the front is demolished and the engine is ruined, the car is totaled. Should i consult a personal lawyer or let the insurance company know about this to see if they want to pursued the lawsuit? Airbag cases are hard to win and can be expensive/time waste. Most lawyers won’t go against a auto manufacturer unless the injury is severed and worth millions. I have little hope in this matter. My car is a 2007 new corolla S. I don’t think i have a strong case even if the airbags are found defective(probably are). My injuries aren’t significant head concussion (lost in memory so the doc had me stay over night) don’t think i had one, fracture bone in the face (no surgery required) cuts and bruises. hopeless lawsuit?

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4 Responses to “Car Accident?”

  1. Pommac Says:

    I would talk to a Lawyer anyway just to see what he/she thinks you should do about the matter.

  2. sierrakt Says:

    The best thing to do would probably be to let the insurance company know, they deal with these things all the time so they may be able to give you a good answer.

  3. Wiseone Says:

    If the air bags were defective you still could have a suit. Check it out

  4. Jack Says:

    ive been in 4 accidents in the past 2 years and none were at fault for me, the best thing to do is to get some consultation from a lawyer which most of them provide for free. they will know what is best, ins companies are only concerned about themselves not you as harsh as it may sound, my first accident 2 years ago i had to pay may deductible because the broad did not have ins and they took a whole year to tell me they could not get the deductible out of her. so i had to take her to small claims court.