"child support ouestions?attorneys only please ?

"i was sent to prison in the state of oklahoma for for d.u.i. gone for 2 years my wife and i were married in 91 we have 1 daughter. while i was away the wife got state assistance and lived in public housing( h.u.d.)when i returned home the state of oklahoma filed a case against me claiming i owed money,back support and demanded current support.we made it together until we got off the assistance and out of public housing.this year the state took 2700 dollars of our tax money. in September i had a auto accident,insurance took 100% responsibility,but said that oklahoma(the state) had put a hold or claim on the accident that caused me loss of wages and medical expenses.insurance is in texas can the state of oklahoma do this to me/? what can i do to stop this from happening? can they intercept funds that are from a personal injury accident from insurance company out of my state?
what can i do to stop the state from invading my families right to privacy,and what do i do to get legal help for civil rights violations?
"thank you ! ranger. i have worked since the age of 7 mowing lawns with grandpa and i have worked my whole adult life.my incarcation was for d.u.i. that i contended but was prosecuted without counsel after detailing the corrupt police officers actions to our district attorney. he called me a liar, he stated the judge wanted 10 years i disagreed and the court proceeded and procetuted without me being represented.i no a fool is his own attorney but no one would listen to me.deciding 10 years was not fair" they sent me to a jury trial,i had to go for to jail for 2 years 2,500 fine.child support arrears and currentsupport was ordered after my release.while my wife had to live on public assistance i began to work for myself doing odd jobs lawns,tree triming whatever.its very hard to get employment after going to prison.no visiting rights were given me, the state said i needed to divorce my wife before any visiting rights would be levied either party.we decided to keep our marriage.(help)?

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4 Responses to “"child support ouestions?attorneys only please ?”

  1. Pancho N Lefty Says:

    Nearly every state has passed laws that allow garnishment or attachment of wages, tax refunds and sometimes insurance settlements. It’s not an attorney’s lobby that promotes this result. It’s the state government that demands repayment of any public assistance. You are at their mercy. Because states are under tremendous pressure to cut state expenses and keep taxes low, they go after the easiest target, the father of the children who received the public assistance. They are so desperate to collect from anyone else but taxpayers, they will attach almost anything. Some states will also suspend licenses for failure to pay back child support, including driver’s licenses, CDL, trade licenses for electricians and plumbers and even professional licenses for doctors, accountants and, yes, even, lawyers who happen to be dead-beat dads.

  2. ardeare Says:

    It’s the attorney’s lobby that bends all state custody and support issues toward the women. They do this for money instead of the welfare of the children. They know that judges will force the men to pay their attorney fees and that’s their only consideration.

  3. WRG Says:

    Yes they can they can attach any money that you have. If you find a dime on the street corner they can come and take it.

  4. Ranger4402 Says:

    "what can i do to stop this from happening?"

    The state of Oklahoma can do that to you.

    This is what I would do. Try to get on an installment plan to pay off this debt. Reach a clear understanding of how much money you will pay each month and what happens to any "extra" money that comes your way such as tax refunds, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, etc. You could get stuck with an installment plan that requires monthly payments and all the "extra" money to go towards that debt.

    Whether you like it or not, this debt will chase you to the grave for now. It won’t vanish. Paying it off is in your best interest. Once it is gone you’ll feel better.

    On a totally different matter, it is absolutely unfair and unreasonable to saddle you with the cost of public assistance and public housing because the mother of your child chose that option. The state of Oklahoma isn’t making you pay the cost of keeping you locked up. So, why should you get tasked with the cost of housing your wife and child when your wife could have gotten a job and supported the family?
    She took the easy way out, not you.

    Also, you have probably worked your entire adult life and paid taxes. Part of your taxes go for public assistance and housing. So, haven’t you already paid for such things?