Childhood vaccination debate?

I’m trying to gather credible information from advocates for, and those against, childhood vaccinations. All reliable sources that are familiar to me such as the AAP, CDC and AMA, are obviously FOR vaccinations. However, I’m having a terrible time finding CREDIBLE sources (not just opinion and personal testimonies, but valid statistics to back up claims, as well… something that I can cross-reference) that provides research findings, numbers, stats, and the like.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can continue with my research on this issue?
Some issues that I will be addressing in my paper are:
*Government mandates on vaccinations VS. exemptions granted (for religious reasons and/or otherwise)
*Risks VS. health benefits
*Misinformation from media
*Possible skewed numbers from drug companies and doctors due to under-reported cases of injury/adverse reactions, and due to profit agendas. (This view probably won’t make the cut, but it’s still a consideration)

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3 Responses to “Childhood vaccination debate?”

  1. Suzy Q Says:

    go to the medical board in your state or something health department. i can assure you that if you dont’ get vacinated you could have problems they are for our own good. My mom didn’t have the chance when she was young and got polio its horrible to have that such as other things are bad also so be careful.

  2. cameronscami Says:

    We had concerns about vaccinations. We brought those concerns up to our pediatrician. I think that would be a great place to start. They could hook you up with an insider’s view and references that they use. Good luck!

  3. blacjac687 Says:

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