Common Causes of Brain Injury

Millions of people suffer from brain injuries every year in the United States, and if you or your loved one is one of those individuals you know how overwhelming finding help can be. You have dozens of questions and many of them boil down to a simple, “Why?” While answering why an accident happened can sometimes be impossible, answering how it happened can help determine who is at fault.


Common Causes of Brain Injury


There is not one cause for all types of brain injury, but many of them boil down to trauma to the head. Some of the most common causes of brain injury include:


Auto accidents
Truck accidents
Violent crime
Construction negligence
Premise liability


These very general terms encompass many causes for brain injury, but cannot define the frustration and fear that result from the symptoms of brain injury. Many individuals who suffer from brain injury do not know how to begin looking for help, and are uncertain who they should turn to first.


If you are struggling to take the first steps toward recovering from your physical and financial distress after a brain injury, contacting an attorney can help you sort through the paperwork and questions associated with your injury. Many individuals think that a doctor should be the first expert to consult after a brain injury, but meeting with an attorney first can provide you with the questions you need to ask to receive the answers that will be the most valuable to you.


Experts Can Help


You may also need the assistance of other types of experts who can reconstruct accidents and accident sites, or psychiatric specialists who can gauge the extent of damage you have sustained from your brain injury. Determining whether brain injury symptoms are temporary or will be a permanent challenge with which you will have to struggle can largely affect the outcome of your case, and only specialists can provide you with the evidence necessary to illustrate these points in court.


If you are concerned about the cost of engaging an attorney to help you with your brain injury case, look for a legal office who will work at no up-front cost to you, so you can pursue compensation before the statute of limitations runs out on your type of case.

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