Court says employer must pay employee for personal injury claim if the accident takes place inside the work place or during work hours

So you have come across this recent court judgment talking about ‘employer must  pay employee for personal injury claim if the accident takes place inside the work place or during work hours’, and why not, so do keep the Personal injury claim in mind when you set out to work tomorrow morning.

Accidents or untoward incidents happen every single day and a large number of innocent souls get hurt, some lose their lives or left badly injures but one thing is common in all of these accidents- it was the fault of someone. A gross miscalculation on someone’s part that lead to the loss of this harmless soul who was not at fault and now his and his family’s life is in a mess. This negligence on the part of someone has cost this man a life and that has left the welfare of his family unsure.

All sorts of accidents fall under the bracket of Personal injury claim, and the type of injury that you have suffered doesn’t matter, you have been hurt and have been done up badly, that is what matters when you are out to get your Personal injury claim from that reckless person who has left you to suffer like this and we will make sure we do everything to extract the last single penny as part of Personal injury claim from whosoever did this to you, so be rest assured.

While getting you a Personal injury claim, we surely can’t take away all the pain that you are undergoing currently, but we will make sure that it becomes as much as pain less a procedure in getting you back your hospital and medication fees and the damages included under the Personal injury claim and we guarantee you that.

Abrasions, Arm injury, back injury, Brain injury, Bruising, Burns, Chest injury all of this make up for getting compensations under Personal injury claim. To help you get your claims easily and smoothly we draw a list of injuries that come under the category of Personal injury claim, these are:

• Concussion

• Crush injuries

• Dislocation

• Facial injury or scarring

• Food poisoning

• Fractures

• Hand injury

• Head injury

• Internal injury

• Knee injury

• Lacerations

• Leg injury

• Ligament and tendon damage

• Neck injury

• Psychiatric injury

• Shoulder injury

• Soft tissue injury

• Slipped disc injury

• Spinal injury

• Whiplash

• Wrist injury

Though the Personal injury claim amount depends really on the type of injury you have suffered and the seriousness of your damage. The yardsticks for getting a full compensation for a Personal injury claim is really considered when you are still in hospital and are undergoing medical treatment. So if you want to know what kind of a Personal injury claim you can get, simply contact us on our free phone 0844 854 5090 for all kinds of help required for getting your Personal injury claim, confidentially, free and with top of the world expert advice on all matters legal and medical, we promise you that.

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