Dallas, TX residents or law professionals only please…?

1. Does anybody out there have links to personal injury attorneys for me in the Dallas area?
2. Has anybody out there (in the Dallas area) suffered from an on-site, work related injury/temporary or permanent disability? (if so, please tell me your story)

Long story short. In a menagerie of owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and employees I was injured while performing my job. I worked through the injury (in much pain) in order to complete the project. Yes, the injury was reported to my employer…the subcontractor. He did not suggest, advise, or otherwise seem to terribly concerned about getting me medical attention. Now I know why. He had no Workman’s Compensation insurance.

Here’s the problem: My employer is based out of Colorado. Also my home state. PI attorneys here in CO will not touch my case because the injury occurred across state lines. So, I have 2 options once I can find an attorney in the Dallas area.

1. File a claim/suit against the general contractor.
2. File a claim/suit against the owners of the property.

Please help. I’m in constant pain and have not held / cannot hold a job since Nov. 17th, 2008. To add insult to injury, my former employer has not responded to any of my phone calls or emails re: said injury.

Any ideas appreciated. Plz and Thx.


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One Response to “Dallas, TX residents or law professionals only please…?”

  1. I DJ Weddings Says:

    Cam, unless you have witnesses who will verify (strongly) your accident that can convince an injury lawyer (read : ambulance chaser) to risk taking your case on a contingency basis you are pretty much screwed on this. A lawyer willing to take this on contingency is gonna need hard evidence to sue this guy, and even if he wins the case, making him pay will be next to impossible (and any attorney knows that and is unlikely, hence, to take the case on contingency).