defamation of character?

I have a personal injury lawsuit going on in regards to a vehicle accident. The company that hit into my vehicle is paying for all of the vehicle repairs and the rental car. Within a few conversations, the company’s claims adjuster told me he was sick and tired of dealing with me, that my claim was the most asinine case he had ever dealt with and also that it was nothing but a pain in his ass and he couldn’t wait for it to be all over with. Not to mention how rude and ignorant he was to me during this enitre time…

Would this be considered defamation of character? I have a call into my attorney but am eagerly awaiting an answer.

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7 Responses to “defamation of character?”

  1. sew Says:

    No it’s called personal opinion, unprofessional conduct. Did the insurance agent cause harm to you by printing this scathing opinion?
    He is entitled to his personal opinion although as a representative of his company he shouldn’t have vocalized it. Make a complaint with his superior or the owner of the company. However, if that employee is diligently doing all that is required and possible for him to with regards to your case then you will be without recourse.

  2. oohhbother Says:

    No. he would have to make claims that were untrue to other people in order to defame you.
    He insulted you, which is his right.

  3. Niecy Says:

    No its not. He just hurt your feelings.

  4. romulusnr Says:

    ummm no, it’s not. I guess I don’t wonder why he feels that way, either. It sounds like you think everything that happens that you dont like is a reason to go to court. Can’t say I entirely blame you, since everyone else is doing it.

    Someone calling you a bad name to your face is not defamation of character. Get a grip.

  5. notyou311 Says:

    No. You have to be able to prove financial loss or damages to collect on a defamation case. He did not defame you. He was very rude and you should report him to hs supervisor immediately. His actions should cost him his job.

  6. nana4dakids Says:

    Not unless he was saying all of that to other people. It is not defamation to voice your opinion to the person you are speaking about. It was very unprofessional though and I would try to speak to his superiors at his place of employment though.

  7. NRen2k5 the sequel Says:

    no, he’s just being rude.

    as long as he and his company is cooperating, play it cool.

    of course if they don’t fulfill their obligations, then this is definitely more ammo to use against them at a later court date.