Did the wills of the Jonestown residents get carried out?

I looked for info on this, and I know they had wills, but I was just curious if they actually got carried out. I’m guessing so, but I want to be sure.
I was just curious, because in all the wills I saw they said the money would go to the Soviet Union, and I wasn’t sure how America would react to that.

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One Response to “Did the wills of the Jonestown residents get carried out?”

  1. Victory is Mine Says:

    Regardless of the way in which someone dies ,even at the hands of a total religious sicko fuckkkhead unless strict and incontrovertible evidence can be provided that they were not fit to make a will then the will must stand and be executed.

    If no will was available then probate would become enacted.

    What is in it for you?

    Edit: If that is the decree of the will then it stands and America cannot interfere with the persons rights to divest their funds as they instruct.