hey, i’m doing a 10 minute speech and the topic is divorce and how it affects people physically, emotionally, financially. i was wondering if you’ve had an experience or know someone with a story that you’d be willing to share with me that involves any of those 3 characteristics. i’ve gone through three divorces with my parents so i know how it affected me and my parents. i was trying to get someone else’s perspective/outlook as well. thanks for your time.

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One Response to “Divorce…?”

  1. Q-mama Says:

    Every divorce is different. In my case, there were several impacts. Emotionally, I’d known it was over for a while but insisted we try counseling. Things were okay for a bit but then he realized that most of the work to be done was his and he gave up, said he wanted a divorce. I’d been prepared for the end and it was what I really wanted, but it was still hard to get over it. But I picked myself up and made it a year of self improvement and didn’t stress about it too much.

    Financially it was hard. We’d accrued a lot of debt together, and had to split that. For the first year I lived pretty frugally to pay off my share of the debt. Fortunately I had a good job and good salary and after about a year I was able to recover.

    Physically though, I lost some weight as a result of being frugal and more focused on myself.