How long did it take you to get over/past your divorce? It’s been almost a year since we separated and it still bothers me very much. Is that normal?

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19 Responses to “Divorce……?”

  1. Blondie Z Says:

    If you’re human it will bother you forever in small ways and big ways. You will have days or even months you won’t think about it, and then you will have other times it will be all you can think about. You will never be totally over it, its just like a death even if it was what you wanted. Yes, you are normal.

  2. Common Sense Says:

    It will bother you a lot less as soon as you start another relationship.

  3. marvin Says:

    Yep. Been there, done that, twice.

  4. wuxxler Says:

    Yeah, it’s normal. But you have to get over it and move on. You HAVE TO.

  5. guess Says:

    yes it’s normal …look for a partner and you’ll get over it right away or maybe by going out and meeting friends works wonders,,don’t stress it’s not worth it…

  6. peaches Says:

    it will until you get on with your life. and until then you need to fill your hours and not on here , because this can be rather depressing at times! especially when you are down anyway

  7. master_der_man Says:

    There is no time limit for getting over someone,but you need to move on with your life,this will help.

  8. delmy d Says:

    If you were in love, it may take forever and especially if you do not go out and make up your mind to live a new life ,people make mistakes and you deserve to move on with your life and be happy.

  9. olderbutwiser Says:

    Yes, that’s VERY normal. A year is not a long time really, depending on how long you were married. I was married for 25 , and it has taken me almost 12 so far to get to where I am now, so it will not be a speedy thing for you…..that doesn’t mean you can’t get on with your life however. Move on as best you can, and it WILL get easier. Best of luck to you!

  10. denavirgo Says:

    yes it is. Find something to do with yourself and in time, it will get better. Try going on a date. I’m not saying get remarried just go out with some one who thinks you are great. This is a new beginning have fun!!!

  11. activa Says:

    i once heard that it takes half the time you were together to get over the relationship. ie if you were together for 3 years, it takes 1.5yrs to get over it. Not sure what sort of truth there is to this.


    Well some times it takes longer, yes it normal what you need to do is get out meet other people, start out as friends first, its very Difficult to just forget about someone you’ve been you for so long but you can do it and you should move on with your life. because life is to short. for me meeting some one else helped me to get over my Divorce. what i did was put some of those feeling on that person. Try it and it will work for you!!!! Good Luck and be blessed

  13. Just a cartoon face Says:

    can be. I have been divorced for 5 years this DEC 27Th, and I am finally over her, but she still brings me grief.

  14. Linda Says:

    Ive been divorced for three years now and from the day of separation, it took me 18 months to start getting back on an even keel and leave the baggage behind. I have heard many say that it takes atleast 12 months after the divorce to get yourself mentally adjusted again ofter the split but it can be longer like me, mine was like I said 18 months but also don’t worry too much about things, just work on you and be good to yourself, hang with your family and friends and other supportive people till you feel yourself leveling out.

  15. louise b Says:

    Yes, it’s normal. It took me a couple of yrs. to get over my x. It’s always hard when a marriage fails, u have a LOT of questions, & not many answeres. I bet u keep wondering what u could/should have done to keep the marriage together. I did too. then I realized we were both just too young for the responsabilities of marrige. He wanted to go out with his buddies all the time, & I didn’t want him too. I wanted all the romance to stay, but after ur married, u have to work, u now have all the bills to pay, a house/apt. to clean, cooking, cleaning, washing-aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! Too much, too soon, u just weren’t ready for all that responsability, or he wasn’t. .Either way the marriage failed, & that’s hard to take. Don’t beat yourself up about it, get on with ur life. Go out w/friends & have a good time. Good Luck!

  16. Jasmine Says:

    I would say one never really get over it… You just learn how to live with it…. and get on with your life…. All situations have something to teach us, however painful it might be…. Having been through divorce, you might be wiser in dealings with the next man in your life… Bittersweet memories and mixed feelings leftover from our past experiences make us grow up…. Take confort in your family and friends, try to focus on the positive and pursue your own interests. Cheer up, life is never as grey nor as pink as it seems !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. snoop_dougie_doug04 Says:

    ABsolutely!!!!!! I have been divorced 3 years now and dating for 2 and I still sometimes second guess the hows and whys of the breakup. There are days that I think I will never get past it. However We must move forward. Get involved in some orgnizations at church or work they are great ways to meet people and start to get over the trauma. Best of luck to you and I can promise you that it wont always hurt so much. I does get better. If you need to talk I am an email away

  18. Karen S Says:

    Yes i waited 2 years before i dated again and made lots of mistakes. Thought i was ready after 2 years met a guy and i married him and it was a mistake. I say wait it will get better with time and you will know when the time is right. and yes you are normal

  19. mickey b Says:

    Yes it is normal. There is no time limit to get over the situation as everyone is different. Use the time to rediscover yourself and be happy with yourself.