My uncle is going through a divorce and his trial date is coming…and the ex- wife has taken all the money and now he cant afford his attourney anymore. and will be going to court without an attourney. is he S.O.L?
What’s going to happen in court if he doesn’t have an attourney???

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4 Responses to “Divorce…?”

  1. kttphoenix Says:

    If his ex has all the money, he doesn;t have much ot lose anyway.

  2. lvny01 Says:

    if he can prove that she’s alreadyu taken all of the money they had- he may not have to pay alimony. depends on the circumstances, you know?

  3. spaznskitz Says:

    if she has one – possibly – doesn’t he have family that can loan him money until he gets back on his feet?

  4. Dark Knight Says:

    It depends on where your from! In California No! If he doesn’t show up she wins by default. If he has records and can show that she took the money after he moved out then he can most likely get a postponement. If he cheated on her and got kicked out he’s sol and but if he can go in with a plan Judges lovethat and split things down the middle! This question is so hard to answer because a lot of different things matter..How long were they together?, What State?Are kids involved? Has she ever worked? His salary? lots of things…most states have pera legals that will at least help with paper work and give advice for cheap!