My mom and dad are gettin a divorce and im not neccisarrily ok with it but ive kinda accepted it… its just that my dad is givin up all of his farm sstuff and i know he really loves it and hes goin to live in the house with all the land the animals are on so i dont see why he doesnt just keep them…. i just dont want him to give up somethin he loves so much… how do i help?

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7 Responses to “divorce…?”

  1. sweetpink21 Says:

    Sit down and talk to them and express your concern to both of them…..

  2. good girl Says:

    Did he sell equipment or lose interest in farming?

  3. elvlayarvvi Says:

    I don’t know… can you help financially? are you over 18? do you work? if you can’t help financially… just be a good daughter to him… spend more time w/ him… good luck…

  4. plaplant8 Says:

    Sounds like a hard one, but maybe he is tired of taking care of them. You could offer some backup care if it would convince him to keep some of the animals. Sounds like he is depressed. Hard for you, because you probably love both of your parents. Just be there for them when you can and don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.

  5. S.D Says:

    First off it doesn’t matter if you are okay with it or not, you are their child and you don’t know what they are going through.

    Second you don’t know what is going on financially, so he might not be able to keep the animals.

    Third stay out of it.

  6. Tehseen B Says:

    Does he love you? he has some other interests he loves more than that farm. you don,t know about them [may be].so ,don,t worry he will be happy with his decision.only thing you can do is take care of that farm for him if it is possible.

  7. nena Says:

    Talk to them.