once i file for a divorce and i decide to stop it. how or what should i do?? are there any forms. thanks

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4 Responses to “divorce??????????????????????????????????”

  1. Drogo Boffin Says:

    My friend went through this not a year ago. You can speak to your lawyer and tell him you no longer want it. he can file for a motion to dismiss.

  2. Rx4u Says:

    Call the district clerks office.

  3. Morningstar Says:

    Contact your lawyer .

  4. ozncj Says:

    I don’t know what state you live in, but you don’t have to stop it, just leave it open. If you are at all unsure, don’t do anything with it just yet. My ex orig contested my divorce in 2003 and we reconciled at a mediation hearing, I was supposed to close the divorce but decided to leave it open just in case the reconciliation didn’t work out. I’m glad i did because i ended up finishing the divorce a few months later (after he went to jail and did drugs again..) and I saved myself the filing fees. I didn’t have to do anything except submit a motion to change the mediation agreement and continue the divorce. You don’t have to close it, just leave it open that is my advice to you. You are still married unless it is finalized.