She wants a divorce for a closure but says their is a possibility of getting back in the future. I have talked to a lot of people and they say not to give her the divorce because once I give her the divorce it is done. Their is no way I will get her back. I want to make her life as easy as I can but I want her back. So I guess the question is should I give her the divorce and do you think the chance of getting her back is gone if I give her the divorce.
We have been seperated since Jan. and she says that she wants this cause if we get back together and it does not work out one of us can just leave. The divorce is already over it is like she is watching her back.

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19 Responses to “Divorce????”

  1. Bklyn born Jerzy bred Says:

    I think that you should give her the divorce. Let her go out and see what ever it is she is looking for. If its meant to be , then she will be back….thats if you’re willing to wait.

  2. LB Says:

    IF she’s telling you there is a possibility of getting back together then no, don’t give her the divorce. Tell her if she really thinks there is a chance to work it out, you should start trying.

  3. momrfg2003 Says:

    You need to decide, but I have known people who divorced and remarried.

  4. pookie Says:

    No…don’t waste your money on lawyers if you are just going to get back together.

  5. Kathryn R Says:

    Go to counselling. No divorce until you have looked under every rock to find the answer to keeping your marriage intact.

  6. Christa R Says:

    I wouldn’t if I were you. Saying she might come back later could be her way to get you to agree to the divorce so she can take off.

  7. free_angel Says:

    Concentrate on your own life. You can bet she isn’t all for doing what’s best for you and making it as easy for you as possible. Divorce her and let her know there is no going back.

  8. SLIM in 2008 Says:

    give her exactly what she wants maybe next time she will be more careful on the things she asks for

  9. AntG Says:

    Sounds like its already gone and she is telling you that to get you to sign papers. Dude when its over its over. Just let her go. The faster you do that the faster she will either come back or you will move on.

  10. ndnqt1966 Says:

    If she says there is a "possibility of getting back in the future"…then why would she want a divorce? Really makes no sense….If she really wants closure…then give her the divorce…and I don’t blame you want bit for not wanting to get back with her….Have you really talked to her? Maybe a short separation would be a better idea for now….

  11. Beebs84 Says:

    If she is determined to get a divorce from you, then she will get it, regardless of if you give it to her or not. Sometimes, things in a marriage, or any relationship, get to be too much, and if she is saying she wants a divorce, and you don’t want one, then maybe ask her for a separation to try and work things out, before going for the divorce. Although, if she is that determined, it will be an effort, more on your part, of trying to make this work, seems like she is already out of the door.

  12. Brave01 Says:

    In the same situation. She wants out, but doesn’t want to do the work. It’s pretty much over and you need to protect yourself. She probably wants to play and then try and win you back. Not a good situation. I was told we could try again in a couple of years. Meanwhile, she’s out partying every other weekend and giving her number out to what ever guy asks.

  13. starlet108 Says:

    Personally I’d give the divorce and move on. Its NEVER a good idea to go back – only forwards. Sounds to me like she’s stringing you along until she screws you in that divorce – then she’ll be off xxx

  14. wfhlembo Says:

    If she thinks there’s a chance of getting back, then set up a time frame with her. Does she need a month to go do what she wants, does she need a weekend? ask her what she needs to get her head straight. Divorce for closure – slocure on what? if she has it in her mind to get back with you, then she doesn’t need closure

    Also, maybe you should ask to go to counseling with her – if she’s unsure of getting back with you, have you tried that? Maybe the counselor will be able to set t he whole thing straight for both of you, so you both can have some closure! good luck ♥

  15. Ally Says:

    aww divorce..I hate that word..it hurts ha! but I guess NO! you shouldnt give her the divorce yet. Dont give up that easy, im sure you 2 made their best, but maybe it wasnt enough! you guys need to give yourselves a new chance. Dont let her go! if you really love her, and she loves u too then love will make it happen…what our friends tell us is not always the right thing…I hope everything goes right for you! if my parents would have tried a bit more, they wouldnt be so unhappy now!

  16. Go Catholic Says:

    You may not believe this but two of my brothers divorced their wives and then remarried them…………at totally different times and for totally different reasons………….two totally different relationships.

    Stranger things have happened. I do not condone divorce, though, unless at least one of the spouse’s is violating the other spouse’s basic human rights.

  17. frustrated Says:

    Sounds to me like she just wants a break to "sow her royal oats" and then have the safety net to know that you will be there when she’s off of her selfish fling. She wants her and cake and to eat it too! If you’re willing to lower yourself to that and not see that you are not someone’s toy to put away when she’s done playing with and take back out when she’s ready, then go for it. But you should have more self-respect then that. Marriage has totally lost its meaning these days! What happened to "for better and for worse" "til death do you part." And why is her life so much more important than yours? Why is her happiness so much more important than your happiness? You should seriously reflect and see why you are so clingy to a woman who does not share the same feelings for you. Give her the divorce and move on. There will be someone out there that will put you first and not be so selfish!

  18. icewitch54 Says:

    You don’t say if you are separated or not. You don’t say where you live…..but in the UK if you agree to a legal seperation you can divorce by mutual consent after two years but if one party does not agree the other must wait for five years to elapse before they can divorce you without your consent.
    So, it seems to be you have three choices:
    Make her life as easy as possible and agree to divorce.
    Make her life relatively easy and get a legal seperation, wait two years and agree to divorce.
    Make her wait 5 years then she can divorce you if that is what she really wants to do.
    I do not see the point in her wanting a divorce for closure if there is a possibilty of getting back in the future……….if that is the case where is the closure?

  19. kingsprincess2000 Says:

    Some people don’t want to hurt others, she might just say that and not really mean it…