Why do you think divorce is so high amongst the US American population versus other countries? Why do you think are reasons why it is more common here?

Please give smart, well constructed examples and explain. Thank you! Gracias!

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    8 Responses to “Divorce???”

    1. brenda4ever Says:

      People just give up to easy and don’t take marriage seriously

    2. captainsay2000 Says:

      shame is gone in this USA

    3. hiscinders Says:

      It is so easy to get a divorce. People know that getting into marriage. I think people also give so much of themselves before marriage it kind of kills what marriage means.
      There is just such a lack of morality anymore. It is common for a spouse to cheat. It is hard work, and for some reason people believe what they see in a Disney cartoon. Happily ever after takes work and allot of compromise.

    4. fateridder Says:

      In the u.s. half of all marriages fail and half of those don’t make tell years because most Americans dream way too much . Women want a man on a white horse but they get a man with a beer belly who is disrespectful . Men want a women who does not women sleep around but in today’s world that’s not actually possible . A perfect marriage is fantasy land and to get a decent marriage one has to stay there threw bad times and good but the easy way out is divorce . Another reason I believe marriages fail is because people settle for someone they don’t want , they should follow there hearts and go after the person they want but instead they settle for someone they don’t truly love .

    5. misty0408 Says:

      You’re going to get my opinion…which is just that…an opinion.

      But I think divorce is so high in this country, partly becasue we’ve lost our understanding that working for something is worthwhile. We have credit cards, the internet, easy access to so much that we hardly have to work or wait for anything.

      Also, the living together mentality is harmful to a life time commitment. Living together gives you a chance to "get out" so to speak. It’s seen as a safety net. But what it does is get people into marriage that are not life time commitment minded. This sets marriages up for failure.

      Also, our free and easy sex causes problems. People who are not in love are having sex and making babies. They get married and never loved each other. Or they get married because they are at a physical level of intimacy but they have not reached the mental and emotional level of intimacy that is necessary to carry a marriage long term.

      Our morals are sadly lacking as well. Sex in a marriage has its ups and downs. Some people think that means they have the right to go get some intense passion/lust elsewhere. They promptly forget their vows and think only of themselves.

      Marriages that make it, are people who care about their spouse and put that persons needs before their own. We have such a selfish, me first, watch out for #1, mentality that marriage is almsot a foriegn idea to many.

      Marriage requires a person to believe in the vows they make. To be a person of integrity, who doesn’t make promises lightly. They need to know that even when the going gets tough it’s all worth it!

    6. Terry W Says:

      The Disney view of life. Romance is OK but one needs some commonsense when choosing a life partner

    7. Satan Says:

      Because people rush into things before thay are ready. They think they are in love after only knowing each other a month. Plus, people are more sexually active now than they’ve ever been, thus causing infidelity.

      The biggest reason would have to be pregnancy, because everyone thinks they must get married for this reason. That is also the problem with population. I know it is grim, but abortion is available for a reason. If you are not ready to have a kid, then do yourself and the kid a favor and abort it. Shitty parents = kids with no boundaries or morals.

    8. Lilith Says:

      Divorce is high because people no longer marry out of necessity/ economics. Even today in most places, women and some men have zero choice in who they marry. They do it out of economics. That’s it. People today, marry for love. Love is very iffy and doesn’t always last and women (and men) no longer have to stay with someone because they have no where else to go. Sorry, but I’d much rather have rampant divorce than be stuck in a relationship out of necessity.