my mum wants a divorce because my dad is tonnes mean to her and me and 1 of my brothers but nice to the other.

but our house is in a bad condition and my dad wont fix ANYTHING because we have a huge hole at the side of our house that hes building a shed there because he feels he has nothing(where he has the most out of everyone) but has just left it and now it rains and the house foundation is quite close to the edge.

what should we do to fix the house up because me and my mum cant really do much but 1 of my brothers tries to be like my dad so he wont and my other brother just doesnt know anything about fixing stuff: S
and they have a few mortages around -30,000
if the house were fixed it would be worth around 0,000
but now it would only be worth around 350,000-450,000
its horrible living with him- he is always getting fired from jobs and has a new job every 4 months so we get even less money to fix stuff up.
it is both
i mean like should they repair the house and then get a divorce or somehow get someone else to repair it
or just get the divorce and get hardly any money..

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    4 Responses to “divorce???”

    1. Nora C Says:

      You can’t do much to fix the house on your own. Perhaps you could talk to your brothers and your mom about it.
      No need to involve your dad if he is not interested.
      It doesn’t make sense to leave a huge hole in the side of the house when there are people living in it.
      If you are still in school, talk to someone at school about your concerns. About the house, about your dad, about what you want. Godbless.

    2. box of rain Says:

      Is this a divorce question or a home repair and improvement question?

    3. Joseph S Says:

      This could be of interest:


    4. P.I. Says:

      Just get in touch with your local county services they will help and they are not out to get you or your parents in trouble–they get paid to help people and when they do help people they go home after work with a real good feeling.