Why is divorce not allowed in our country? I think our government is so stupid. There are only 2 countries that don’t legalize divorce and our country is one of them. Annulment is so expensive and how about the poor?

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    6 Responses to “Divorce???”

    1. tom1941 Says:

      I am amused at some of the answers. The Catholic Church "my" Church is the reason the government does not allow divorce. This is one of many examples of where "my" Church tries to force our personal beliefs down the throats of people who do not choose to be a follower of "my" Church. I thought the Philippines was a Democratic form of government with separation of Church and State?

      Because we are "true Christians" he-he. One of the most corrupt societies on the universe yet you claim to be "true Christians". I wonder how many of these "true Christians" attend weekly services. A recent poll revealed the alarming number of people in the Philippines who pay off traffic cops, pay to speed up permits, etc. How many of these "true Christians" are teaching their children corruption is an acceptable way of life if it profits you. How many of these "true Christians" have two or three families and are not faithful to the one they are married to.

      "Ask Jesus instead of the government", he-he. Who do I ask if I am Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist? Jesus might prefer President Estrada to have a divorce rather than have several illegal and illigitimate families?

      "My" Church will keep you under its colonial rule as long as you allow it to and divorce will be ban. "My" Church is responsible for producing illigitimate children and unless you have money they will not allow your illigitmate children to attend our Catholic schools. School entrance to a Catholic School needs you to produce a Birth Certificate and Marriage License to prove you are legit unless of course the local Priest is apalled by the hyprocrisy of it all and looks the other way. Yes, we Catholics make sure the chiildren pay for the sins of their parents and if we can we will force everyone to live as we say (not necessarily as we do)!

    2. warrior is a child Says:

      our law and lawmakers as well are really dumb you see..if they really care about us, filipinos should not be suffering from too much poverty right now. don’t you think?

    3. digoseño Says:

      You ask the Catholic Church not the government. It is the stupid church that bars divorce and impose their will to your equally stupid government.

    4. Mr Justice Says:

      My comment is : To every Bad there is some Good.

      People should know this law, because Marriage is a serious mater. So you should really think a million times before you get married. Because you should be awear that you will be with this one person to death do you part.

    5. dWade03 Says:

      Because we are true Christians. Christians follow what the bible says that marriage is very sacred that only death can separate a husband from a wife.

    6. Brian F Says:

      Maybe you should take that up with Jesus, and not the governement.