my boyfriend’s parent just told him
tht they’re getting a divorce.
what can i do to ease his pain?
serious answers plz!

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14 Responses to “DiVoRcE…..?”

  1. Pete Says:

    It’s not something you can DO … just BE THERE with him … respect it when he wants to be alone …. occasionally remind him it’s not his fault …. and that he stil has two parents ….

    You could also ask him what he would do to prevent this ever happening in his future marriage.

    Don’t accept abuse …. but try to hang in there when his moods change….

  2. ROBERT. Says:

    you know exactly what to do….seriously.

  3. DPT.dwnz Says:


  4. madcityd0623 Says:

    cuddle with him and whisper in his ear that you will never leave him.

  5. Q Says:

    When your parents split up, you lack security and stability. Your situation is changing, and your parents are probably also pulling you this way and that. So be a secure, stable rock for him to lean on during this time.

  6. Happy-2 Says:

    Tell him that it’s not his fault that his parents are so selfishly looking after their own jollies that they don’t give a crap about his welfare. Remind him that we live in a culture of disposable marriage, so society wants him to believe that his parents divorcing is no big deal.

  7. saved_by_grace Says:

    Just be there for him if he wants to talk about it. Let him be the one to bring it up.

  8. ♥Mommy Schack♥ Says:

    Well you can just be there for him. Just tell him that you don’t know what he is going thru but you are here for him if he needs to cry or just wants to be held or just wants someone to hold. That is all you can do this is something that he has to face on his own inside his own mind. All you can do is be there for him that is it.

    Good Luck

  9. JERDAWG Says:

    be there for him, any time he needs you, let him talk through it with you.

  10. macdaddywiseman Says:

    Tell him you care and let him know if there is anything you can do for him, for him to let you know. Otherwise, give him time.

  11. michaelcarriemorrow Says:

    Being there for sure but add a little pleasant distraction to like talking while taking a scenic drive or whatever you both enjoy doing

  12. Lane Says:

    the verry worst thing you could do at this point is break up with him. Just remind him that his parents still love him and that none of this is his fault. Be someone that he can trust and be extra understanding and patient with him. Don’t forget to pray for him, I know that might have cost me best answere, but it’s really the best advice i can give.

  13. Kevin R Says:

    Life is all about change ,

    Change is always a constant in the Universe .

    It is our resistance to change that becomes our problem.

    We want everything we like , to remain the same .

    He has to accept change and deal with it just like everyone else . Adulthood isn’t easy , just necessary .

  14. blueberry Says:

    well if he’s dating i guess he’s a big boy, tell him to accept it and get over it