If u are separated from your spouse for years (over 10) and have no contact with them, live in Ireland, and the spouse cannot be found (last living in England) is there a way to divorce without been in contact with the spouse??

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  1. the answer Says:

    Yes, but contact a lawyer. There is a waiting period, but it’s once you state to a judge that you can not find the spouse the waiting period starts.

  2. Savannah Storm Says:

    nope. divorce papers have to be signed by both parties for it to be legal.

  3. Rae's Momma Says:

    No. The only way to divorce is legally through the court system.

  4. AmBeautiful Says:

    Yes, your attorney can file the paperwork and both parties DON"T have to sign, I got a divorce without my ex signing.

  5. Ms S Says:

    Yes, I forget what type of divorce it is called, but you can put a public notice in a newspaper in their last known town notifying them that you have filed for divorce and the hearing date. If they don’t show up, you get a divorce by default. But you need to talk to a lawyer. A lot of time you can get a free 1/2 hour consultation.

    If you live in Ireland – I have no idea how it works there.

  6. manuel Says:

    I believe that in Dominican Republic