Does your religion strongly encourage you to write wills?

There are a lot of cases where family members quarrel over their rights on estates, mostly due to the reason that no wills written by the demise.

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    11 Responses to “Does your religion strongly encourage you to write wills?”

    1. magnetic_azimuth Says:

      in the military you are required to have a will,

      but honestly, the world ends when you die so does it really matter?

    2. Obama 2009-2017! Says:


    3. JC is the MAN Says:

      Nope but my common sense does.

    4. Fireball226 Says:

      its personal and not discussed but im planning to do it..

    5. Anarchy Says:

      i don’t believe in religion

    6. cadisneygirl Says:

      It strongly encourages you to be prepared for the future, so I guess that would include wills.

      Everyone should have a will. Anyone with property should have a living trust.

    7. Minor_Disturbances Says:

      Though I have indeed chosen to write one anyways..
      You never know when you’re going to kack off..

    8. GorgeousTx Vote the fundies out Says:

      I don’t have a religion and wills are very important, including a living will.

    9. Jenny Kim Says:

      Officially, the Catholic Church has nothing to say on the subject one way or the other. It’s a purely secular matter, one for each individual to decide.

      In a larger sense, though, it could be argued that making a will is a "Catholic" thing to do.

      That’s because it would be the "Catholic" thing to do whatever one could to prevent family quarrels and tension.

      So if a will would help in that regard, then it would be in line with Church teaching, in an indirect sense, to arrange a will before one’s death.

    10. older Says:

      as a protestant i have never heard it mentioned

    11. flipsmum Says:

      My religion never talks about wills… I don’t think writing a will has anything to do with a church…but like another poster says, it’s just common sense to have one, especially if you have children. In fact I would go as fas as to say, it is very selfish not to write a will, since if you have any property etc. you are expecting family to divide it after your death, and that will obviously cause problems, even family divisions.