Dog Bites and Personal Injury Law

Personal injury by definition means that there has been an injury to the mind, emotions or body; thus dog bite cases fit into the personal injury law category. Proving negligence is critical so finding a good lawyer is essential.

Dog bites happen most often because of the negligence of the owner of the dog. Most communities have leash laws and it is implied in the law that the owner has to have direct or indirect control of the dog at all times. If the dog is off leash then the owner should be able to control the dog in another way. Properly trained dogs will sit and stay either by voice or hand commands as improper training of the dog often leads to the dog being uncontrollable. Allowing repeated offenses, such as the dog escaping from a fenced in yard is clearly negligent.

Strict liability is on the owner of the dog. Often because of the owner’s negligence, the dog will be taken away to be quarantined or in some cases to be euthanized. It is imperative that dogs be licensed in the community that they live in and their vaccinations are kept up to date. The fear of rabies is one good reason to make sure the dog is licensed and up to date on all shots that are required.

A variety of lawyer referral services can assist in recommending local personal injury lawyers to assist clients as they prepare to bring lawsuit against the owner of the animal. A lawyer referral service in Los Angeles for example will show you how to locate a good Los Angeles dog bite lawyer to help in the dog bites case. The guardian of a minor or the person who is bitten will be the one meeting with the personal injury lawyer.

Finding a personal injury lawyer who has experience with negligence cases can be originated best through a referral services. Once you receive a name and phone number, it is important to meet face to face with the attorney, negotiate an hourly rate and obtain a written retainer agreement. Civil and criminal charges can be filed if the owner is aware of the dog biting previously. Once the owner becomes aware of previous infractions, they are strictly liable for the incident.

Some home owners, business and renters insurance will cover dog bites so it will be important for the owner of the dog to report the bite to their insurance company. Good lawyers educated in personal injury can help with this sometimes confusing process. If you are the person who has been bitten by the dog, go to your medical provider and get evaluated for any injuries that you have incurred.

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