don't throw your baby in the air it can go wrong and cause sbs!?

my 14 month old twin boy has ended up in hospital with a number of injuries social services were called in i hadn’t got a clue what happened to my son and me and my partner were arrested for it. They did scans and stuff hand came to the conclusion that my baby had been shaken they found blood on the brain which has been drained and now my baby is doing well (thank god). This is now going through court and my kids are in foster care at the moment i found out that my boyfriend was throwing him up in the air and something happened when he tried to catch him and he fell onto the floor, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went stiff but his neck and head went floppy my boyfriend panicked and shook him whilst he was lying on the floor to try to get him to come round. They also found an old injury but i couldn’t say where this come from they don’t know what this injury is either. I wasn’t in the house when this happened and told my solicitor what happened as soon as i found out. It was an accident but i feel as though im getting the blame for it im scared i wont get my babies back

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8 Responses to “don't throw your baby in the air it can go wrong and cause sbs!?”

  1. Ariana Says:

    OK… well your 14 mos old baby was thrown up in the air–so says your boyfriend-and the little baby fell -and then he shook him?? That doesnt add up.

    Shaken baby syndrome is constant shaking of the baby’s skull-if your boyfriend said the baby fell from throwing him up in the air-and the doctors think it’s SBS then it’s because they found eveidence of it.
    And if they found an old injury in such a young child then that’s why children’s services were called.

    I have a feeling that there’s more to it than you know. I think it was highly irresponsible to throw a baby up in the air-it must have been really high since your boyfriend couldnt catch him or he got distracted. And Shaking him on the floor doesnt cause Shaken Baby syndrome-it’s the shaking of the head alone what causes it.

    It’s a very serious thing-if you want your children back you need to get all the facts and get the blindfold out of your eye- and a good lawyer and think about ANY incident with your baby and your boyfriend-or maybe too much rough housing…

    ETA: My husband roughhouses with out kids too, and playing airplane and the like-BUT we are always careful! We make sure our children dont fall on the floor.

  2. Haha...Wait, What? Says:

    Believe it or not, babies aren’t common projectiles.
    They’re downright hard to find flying through the air.

  3. Raquel Says:

    I hope you left the boyfriend, he shouldn’t have been doing those things at all and when it happened he should have said something ASAP!

  4. kat Says:

    how sad!
    your boyfriend didnt take him to the doc or call the doc or even tell you when he "dropped" him and only admitted to it later when the hospitol said the baby had been shaken?
    if that is the case……this is one horrible situation !!
    and what is that "old" injury?
    thank god, you said your son is doing well!

    im sorry to say this….but if you are still with that guy, then i feel those twins will be better where they are now.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    don’t worry, i’m sure you’ll get your babies back. babies back. babies back.






  6. My Oh My Says: have to REALLY *throw* or shake a baby to get sbs. I am glad he is ok, and I hope you aren’t with your boyfriend. Why would you shake someone who isn’t conscious?

  7. <333 Says:

    That’s horrible I am sorry 🙁 Well I hope this boyfriend isn’t with you anymore. it take alot to cause sbs

  8. Ferbs Says:

    1) The throwing wasn’t what cause the brain injury. THE FALL ON THE FLOOR DID.
    2) There was an old injury
    3) It wasn’t an accident.

    He just got caught this time because of the severity of the injury.

    PLEASE get a clue and protect your children. They deserve better than what they have been given so far.