Do's And Don'ts That Your Bridgeport Car Accident Lawyer Will Tell You

Bridgeport is the most popular city in Connecticut and the home of that great circus PT Barnum. How many clowns are there on the roads?  Numerous car accidents happen every day so you really need to keep the contact details of your Bridgeport car accident lawyer to hand as well as a pen and paper in your car at all times.

So what do you NOT do when you are in a car accident?

Never admit any fault or responsibility in any way for any part of the accident.  A quick sorry can cause you untold problems when you are trying to prove your claim for compensation.
Never sign anything without first discussing the matter with your car accident lawyer.
Do not say anything to the police without consulting your car accident lawyer.  This is your right and as long as you are polite should not cause you problems.
Never leave the scene of the accident, not only is this illegal but it also makes it difficult to prove your case later.
Do not get involved in any arguments or fights with any other parties to the accident. Fights will harm your case.
Do not try and run from the police or hide any incriminating items.  It will reflect very badly on your criminal case and make matters much worse for you.
It goes without saying that you should not be driving whilst you are drinking or under the influence of drugs.

So what MUST you do when in a car accident?

Call 911 to bring in the police and paramedics.
Call your Bridgeport car accident lawyer as soon as you are able to.
Move away from danger as soon as you are able.
Go to the hospital to be checked out, however minor your injuries may appear to be.  Not only is this much safer for you as you may be more injured than you thought you were, but it supports your claim for compensation at a later date.
Get as much information about the accident as possible.  This includes contact details and license details of all of those involved.  You should also get contact details of all witnesses.  Use your cell phone or a camera to take as many pictures as possible.  Include relevant landmarks, skid marks and vehicle positions in your photos.
Contact your insurance company as soon as you can so that they can be aware of all facts as soon as possible.
If you are taken straight to hospital and are too ill to do anything, contact your car accident lawyer as soon as possible and they will visit you in hospital.  The sooner they are aware of the accident the more information they can gather to assist you in your claim for compensation and expenses.

Your Bridgeport car accident lawyer and injury attorney can gather information, liaise with your insurance company, medical practitioners and the police as well as support and represent you in your court hearings.  Keep their contact details in your car all the time.

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