Driver Negligence Is The Main Cause Of Car Accidents

All drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their motor vehicle. This duty makes drivers accountable for acts which they knew would likely result in injury to person or property and for acts which they should have known would likely result in injury to person or property. A finding of negligence will create liability for any injuries sustained as a result of that negligence. Negligence law can be complex and confusing even for people who are familiar with it.  In all cases, it is important to have a knowledgeable car accident attorney who will explain all possible avenues for recovery of monetary and physical damages. A driver has a duty to use reasonable care to avoid injuring anyone he or she meets on the road. If a driver fails to use reasonable care and as a result of that failure injures you, then the driver is responsible (liable) to you for those injuries.

These are some examples of negligence as presented by experienced car accident lawyers at What out for these as these variables can lead to serious car accidents:

Speed: A driver may be liable for an accident caused in whole or in part by driving too fast or too slow.
Sobriety: A driver may be liable for an accident caused by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Driving practices: A driver may be liable for an accident caused by their failure to signal while turning or their failure to use headlights when appropriate.
Exercising caution: A driver may be liable for an accident caused by the driver’s disregard of weather, traffic conditions, and/or immediate surroundings.
Conduct: A driver may be liable for an accident caused in whole or in part by intentional or reckless conduct. A driver who is reckless is one who drives unsafely, with willful and wanton disregard for the probability that the driving may cause an accident.

To ultimately determine the amount an injured person may recover, what must be taken into consideration is the negligence of the driver at fault and all parties involved in the accident. The laws of negligence in context to a car accident vary per state; therefore it is extremely important to consult a California car accident attorney who may better explain the codes and laws at practice within the state of the accident – regardless if you were hurt or responsible for the accident.

A knowledgeable and aggressive traffic injury attorney will investigate every possible contributing cause of an accident to ensure that their clients will receive full compensation for their injuries. With the increase of texting while driving and reckless driving, it is important to seek out an car accident attorney who can investigate the case while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries. If you or a loved one has been a victim to driver negligence, please call the Law Offices of Ledger & Associates to speak with a car accident attorney.

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