False allegation of criminal damage?

10 year old daughter attacked & throttled by local youth. Attended his home to speak to mother but she was unavailable. Told him to leave her alone. 24 hours later two policemen arrived @ my door saying I had threatened to "burn down their house" – ridiculous and ludicrous scenario. Opinion is, given our daughter’s injuries, her attacker has invented this to mask his actions and scare me off. Given a solicitor would start @ £200+ what redress do I have here? (UK law applies).

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One Response to “False allegation of criminal damage?”

  1. raindovewmn41 Says:

    first of all did you call the police to report what had happened to you daughter.??has anyone seen this happento her and who did it??? did you take anyone with you to talk to this parent?? yes you need an attorney I would spend the money !!