Father prescribed Blood Pressure tablets & collapsed!?

My Dad is 54 and very healthy and fit for his age, his GP reckoned his Blood Pressure was slightly high and put him on some blood pressure tablets and beta blockers? (not sure what these are) He was driving his van down a motorway when he felt his vision going bleached and fading and he thought he was going to die, he managed to pull into a layby and thought getting in the back of his transit van to lie down may help, but he collapsed outside the van before he had chance to open back doors, luckily a passing motorist pulled over and called 999, his head was gushing with blood and it turns out he has broken his clavicle (shoulder/ collar bone) he was taken to a local hospital and there they deemed he should not even be on these tablets as his blood pressure is fine! he was doing as instructed by GP and taking these tablets, all the while they were lowering his blood pressure dangerously low, as his normal blood pressure was within normal limits and not high at all. My dad is very lucky he did not crash and so are other motorists if he had crashed into them, plus he was driving back from Devon after being on a Sea Kayaking holiday, what if this happened while he was kayaking, he would of drowned! I am furious beyond words, and me and my brother will be seeking legal advice, we nearly lost our Dad! The hospital that treated him for his injuries compiled a CD/DVD to give to his normal GP when he got home and to say OI look what you did basically, his GP surgery are "investigating" but no one has got back to him yet and this was last week. I have no idea where to start on this short of going to solicitors, has anyone got any advice of websites that may help point us in the right direction, what if this happens to some one else. We have already had 2 family deaths this year (old age being one and cancer the other) coming close to losing Dad like this would be devastating. Sorry for the long post, need to rant and get help lol
NB: I don’t know the name of the tablets i am finding out.
Thanks for reading this

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One Response to “Father prescribed Blood Pressure tablets & collapsed!?”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Normal blood pressure is around 120/80, some say 110/70; The problem with beta blockers is that they work by blocking the heart from recepting chemicals the elevate the blood pressure and pulse to maintain body stability. While this does lower BP & pulse in a patient who needs it lowered, a patient with normal levels is at risk or passing out from a drop in blood pressure or pulse. This is probably what happened to your father. It isn’t grounds to seek legal advice, it is a suitable treatment for elevated blood pressure, but if his blood pressure was not elevated at the visit in which they were prescribed, then it could be a legal thing. Patients taking beta blockers should check their pulse and blood pressure before adminstering these medications. If the systolic (top number) is 90 or below (100 if you ask some), or the pulse is below 60, these medicatons should be held.

    Hope he gets better, and ask the physician about checking his blood pressure/pulse daily before taking this medication.