Filing a Personal Injury Claim and You

Filing a Personal Injury Claim and You

After being physically harmed, at another party’s fault, then you may have started the process of filing a personal injury compensation claim. At this point you understand that there are a number of facts that can go into your personal injury compensation amount. Not only the obvious financial losses from medical costs, you must list the potential losses from missing your work, future disabilities, and more factors.

Type of physical damage

One of the first things that has to be taken into account in deciding the total compensation of your personal injury claim is the nature of the incident. If the injury is relatively minor and can be address through medication or common medical procedures, chances are your claim amount is going to be less than if it is a life-threatening or debilitating injury that’s harder to treat.

Financial Liabilities

Almost always will a personal injury will also cause you to experience a financial loss. If that’s the case, you can include that financial loss as part of your personal injury claim amount. Financial losses include things like lost wages, but they can also include things like lost sick time or vacation time. If your injury has affected your income or your financial standing, you may be able to include those items on your claim. If you’re self-employed, financial losses can be harder to prove, but you can still claim them. You may need to hire an expert accountant to help you gather the paperwork and data to prove your financial loss.

Medical/Financial Burdens

This includes financial expenses such as prescription costs, emergency room, surgury, and any other costs you might incur that are related to your medical care. You need to recognize that it is not just your current medical bills that will be included. You also need to take into account likely future medical expenses related to your injury, as well.

Property owned by you

Also you need to involve all damaged personal property in your injury claim amount. Even if your laptop or cellular phone was destroyed as a result of your accident, you may be able to claim its cost. The same holds true for your clothing, vehicle, or even your home, depending on the nature of the accident.


The court will assign various degrees of responsibility, or fault, for the incident, it’s costs, and financial liabilities. In some cases, you might be liable for some of the damages or financial expenses caused by the incident. So know how the facts stand up, seek legal consultation by a local personal injury claim lawyer so you will know how much fault is your own and/or the other parties involved.

Be as clearminded as possible, speak the truth only and remember as best you can, nothing worse then embellishment or exaggeration getting caught in court. You could lose any chance of compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and all expenses because of that. Truth legitimizes your claims and the witnesses will back you up. Let the court use its powers to get you the protection and resolution your looking for.

Now, after you have built your list of information above, you can call a local personal injury lawyer. It’s best to have this information written down because you are in an emotional state and this will help you present yourself and the accident claim in the clearest manner.

Final steps to filing your claim:

* Gather all medical papers from accident and also insurance papers/healthcare/previous injuries
* Have above list ready
* Make sure to have your drivers license
* Have employee numbers, ID#, etc ready
* Call a local personal injury lawyer

Accident claim specialists, lawyer, advice, and more information to help you seek maximum relief.
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