Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Claims

Before filing an auto accident claim it is important for the claimant to understand a few things so that the claimant can get maximum accident compensation as soon as possible. The following paragraphs will elaborate on 4 frequently asked questions that most claimants wonder about while filing auto accident claims.

FAQ 1 – How Much Time Do I Have to File an Auto Accident Claim?
Generally the claimant has 3 years from the date of the accident to file a road accident claim. Claimants are always advised to file the road claim as soon as possible since if the claimant waits too long then he may forget crucial information related to the case. Claimants who file the case at the last minute may also miss out on important steps in the hurry and this can lead to a rejected claim. Most solicitors prefer taking on fresh road traffic accident claims since this provides the solicitor with some additional time to work on the claim.

FAQ 2 – The Road Traffic Accident Occurred Partly Due to My Fault, Can I Still Claim For Compensation?
Unfortunately in UK, there is no law that allows claimants to opt for a reduced compensation amount if the accident was partly their fault. To be eligible to get compensation the claimant should not be at fault and he should have suffered a personal injury. In certain cases the claimant may also be eligible to file for lost wages compensation or compensation for pain and suffering. If the claimant has missed work due to the accident then the claimant can claim for lost wages compensation.

FAQ 3 – I Am Not Employed, Can I Claim For Lost Wage Compensation?
If the claimant can prove that he would have earned a certain amount of money during the time he was injured but couldn’t due to the auto accident, then the claimant will be eligible to claim for lost wage compensation. Since proving this can be tricky, claimants are advised to opt for legal help if they want maximum accident compensation.

FAQ 4 – Is It Possible To Get Free Legal Help?
No win no fee solicitors offer free legal help to claimants in UK. Through these services claimants can get legal advice and legal help without paying legal fees. If a claimant opts for these services then he is entitled to get free legal help since the solicitor will get his dues from the other party provided he helps his claimant win the case. Both independent solicitors and accident claims companies offer these legal services but accident claims services offer additional services like online personalized quote, online tracking system and online help.

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